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Overclocking and Gaming memory upgrades

240 pin DDR2 Gaming Memory Kits
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240 pin DDR3 Gaming memory Kits
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PC14400 DDR3 1800Mhz 2GB Kit    
PC16000 DDR3 2000Mhz   4GB Kit 6GB Kit
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Overclocking and Gaming memory
200-pin SODIMM


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Transcend Announces 4GB aXeRam™ DDR3-2400 Memory Kits for Dual Channel Core i7 Platforms

Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a global leader in memory and storage products, today launched 4GB aXeRam™ DDR3-2400 dual-channel memory kits designed for use with Intel`s LGA 1156 Core i7 systems. With the ability to operate at a blazing-fast clock frequency of 2400MHz at 1.65V, these new XMP-ready DDR3 kits outperform standard reference modules by approximately 60%.

Transcend`s top-of-the-line 2400MHz dual-channel kit boosts system performance with a perfect combination of low voltage, high clock speed, and low latency. Each 4GB DDR3 kit contains two identically matched modules rated at 2400MHz with timings of 9-11-9-28 and an operating voltage of a mere 1.65V, offering theoretical memory bandwidth up to an incredible 38.4GB/s. In practice, the 2400MHz clock speed shows a 60% performance increase in real world applications compared to standard 1333MHz memory, allowing overclocking enthusiasts and hardcore gamers to take their Intel Core i7 platform to the next level.

The aXeRam DDR3-2400 dual-channel memory kit has been tested for use on Intel P55-based motherboards, including ASUS P7P55D Premium and ASUS P7P55D Deluxe. Thanks to its use of high thermal efficiency aluminum heat sinks with cooling fins, the kit delivers amazing overclocking performance while maintaining cool temperatures.

To ensure extra stability and signal integrity at high clock speeds, all aXeRam modules are comprised of 128Mx8 high-quality DDR3 FBGA chips and use robust PCBs that fully comply with rigorous JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standards.

About RamTweak
RamTweak is a memory optimizer and monitoring tool specially designed for Transcend's aXeRam overclocking memory modules. The combination of its user-friendly interface and rich functions not only helps you manage memory parameters efficiently, but also allows you to monitor your memory temperature with ease. 

Note: RamTweak only supports Transcend's aXeRam Extreme Performance DDR3 memory, and runs exclusively on a Windows 32-bit version OS. Besides, it only works with Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors on the latest Intel chipsets.
Managing Memory Parameters. Performing Safe Overclocking.
1. Serial Presence Detect (SPD) display
By showing memory parameters, RamTweak makes you realize the default operating settings immediately. You can also find out the default settings of Transcend's aXeRam overclocking memory by reading Intel XMP settings.
2. Instantaneous memory temperature display
You can choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius to see the memory module's instantaneous memory temperature*, and observe a temperature change through the temperature chart.

*Note: Only TX2400KLU-4GK supports the function currently.
3. Voluntary control of memory temperature
RamTweak enables you to set up a temperature limit on your own. Once the memory temperature goes over the upper limit, it will automatically send out a warning, which allows your system to be operated under a safe environment.
Download RamTweak

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