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SSDFC Smart Media memory cards


SSDFC Smart Media memory cards

Code Image Name Price Availability Qty.  
019545 0MB USB 2.0 to SmartMedia Card Reader Retail, MediaGear, BYR, MGKF-100 0MB USB 2.0 to SmartMedia Card Reader Retail, MediaGear, BYR, MGKF-100 $9.99 2-3 days
SM8 8MB Smart Media Flash Card 8MB Smart Media Flash Card $29.85 In Stock
SM16 16MB Smart Media Flash Card 16MB Smart Media Flash Card $33.85 In Stock
SM32 32MB Smart Media Flash Card 32MB Smart Media Flash Card $38.85 In Stock
SM64 64MB Smart Media Flash Card 64MB Smart Media Flash Card $39.85 In Stock
SM128 128MB Smart Media Flash Card 128MB Smart Media Flash Card $49.85 In Stock

Features and specifications of SmartMedia™ Card

SmartMedia™ is about one-thirds of the area of a conventional PC card and only 0.76 mm in thickness. This new storage card is expected to help electronic devices - including the digital still camera and various forms of portable information equipments-become even smaller in size.

Main features

  • Super lightweight:weights only 2g
  • Super compact:45.0 x 37.0 x 0.76mm in size
    In addition to helping certain products become more compact, SmartMedia™ is highly portable and can be carried in a pocketbook or credit card holder.
  • Reduced costs, thanks to newly developed -assembly technology
    Compared with conventional memory cards, which use a semiconductor memory assembled on board, SmartMedia™ has an extremely simple structure. Each SmartMedia™ card features an embedded NAND-type flash memory chip, and is thus less costly than other types of memory card. As a result, SmartMedia™ permits the user to have many cards to store a large library of favorite images and sounds from such sources as data from a digital still camera and voice or sound recorder.
  • 16-Mbit, 32-Mbit, and 64-Mbit NAND-type -flash memory chips employed
    The NAND-type flash memory chip employed in SmartMedia™™ contributes to rapid write and erase capabilities since data is rewritten in small increments, leading to improved performance through continuous data recording and other benefits.
  • Flat electrode terminal with 22 pins -(32M & 64M compatible)
    With SmartMedia™, as an address is input via I/O pin, a common pin arrangement is provided regardless of capacity generation.
  • 8-bit I/O interface
  • Usable as a PC card
    An adaptor card used with a PC card ATA adaptor can be used as a PC card standardized by PCMCIA/JEIDA. This permits a variety of product applications to exchange data with the PC.

Main applications

SmartMedia™ can be used in portable devises that require internal file data storage and in equipment that processes such data, including digital cameras, PDA, electronic musical instruments, voice recorder, faxes, printers, scanners, word processors and handy terminals.

It can also be used in equipment that requires a removable memory chip for portability, version upgrades or memory upgrades for applications.

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