How to sell us your memory (RAM & Flash) and Save $$$

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Buybacks under $10 will receive store credit only. is unique in offering to BuyBack from customers their discarded or no longer needed memory modules and flash in Eco-Friendly way. Much too often computers get upgraded and the removed modules discarded or lost. Now there is an easier and better way to save, see example.

Customer buys 2GB module for $30, already 40% off (saves $20)
Customer returns 1GB module, gets $7
Net cost to customer is $23.00, total savings is a giant $27 !!

Customer saved close to 60% off the retail price of that memory module and we make it easy to return your memory by simply adding a return envelope to your order, offered HERE and during Checkout, a truly no hassle Eco-Friendly buyback program. Once you add items to your basket you will be given the option to add a "return envelope". sells these buyback modules at auctions, to liquidators and at computer shows. They are not resold at this web site unless the module is indicated as refurbished.

The process to sell us your RAM is as follows.

1. Purchase the memory (RAM and/or Flash) you need from our web site. Add optional item "Return Envelope" to facilitate your return, you can use your own packaging.

2. Receive and install the new memory (RAM and/or Flash) and save the packaging.

3. For BUYBACK returns simply print a copy of your invoice, write buyback across the page and include it with your merchandise return and mail to the address provided on the invoice. RMA is not needed for buyback nor are you required to use our return envelope.

We will issue a refund payment to you against the order you just received if the buyback value exceeds $10, otherwise you will receive store credit. You can email us to get an estimate of the credit value but it usually is about 40% - 60% of the price we list at the web site or current open market prices for older items (smaller older items will usually yield a smaller buyback, as low as 25% of current listed price for 16MB and 32MB modules)

NEW - Due to the high cost of processing refunds you will only receive store credit for buybacks of $10 or less. This store credit will be deducted from your total purchase the next time you place an order online. Optionally you may wait until you accumulate more than $10 of buyback value before returning goods to us.

Sample buyback values
72 pin SIMMs - 32MB to 128MB, $1.00 to $10.00
PC66/100/133 - 128MB to 1GB, $1.00 to $24, 30-40%+ of current selling
Any module 256MB or less will receive about 25-30% of selling price
Rambus about 35%, DDR2 and DDR - 512MB to 2GB, 40-50%+ of current selling price, less for discontinued PC600/700 and PC1600 speeds.

Please note that we only accept buyback for items that we currently sell, if you do not see the item listed please email us before returning modules (we do buyback any brand). We cannot return modules that have no value or fail our memory tests.

We no longer buyback the following modules
72 pin SIMM modules
32MB to 256MB PC66/PC100/PC133 modules
168 pin EDO DIMMs
32MB and 64MB SODIMMs of any type
32MB - 256MB EDO Buffered DIMMs 3.3v and 5V

If you return more value than you purchased you will receive store credit for the balance, up to twice the value of your original purchase.

Email us with any questions at

Modules returned to cannot be returned to you if you disagree with the buyback value. Returning modules to us for buyback indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Send the memory (RAM and/or Flash) and documents to
BuyBack -
2800 Bowers Ave
Santa Clara CA 95051