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    ID #1000

    General memory upgrade guidelines by chipset feature. What memory to buy if you know the chipset (see motherbaord specs for chipset type)?

    430VX/430FX - max 128MB, 32MB/SIMM, can use 4K chips in most cases
    430TX - max 256MB, 64MB/SIMM, can use 4K chips (Do not use SDRAM modules, most will not work)
    430HX - max 512MB, 64MB/SIMM, can use 4K chips
    SIS 530 - max 512MB, 64MB/SIMM, can use 4K chips
    440FX - max 1GB, 64MB/SIMM, can use 4K chips,
    440LX - max 1GB, PC66 SDRAM
    450NX - max 8GB, PC100 SDRAM
    440GX - max 2GB, PC100 SDRAM
    440BX 440ZX - PC100
    SIS5598 - max 64MB/SIMM, can use 4K chips
    Intel 810 - use PC100 DIMMs

    Consult your system manual for details. Consult other FAQ's regarding EDO vs FPM.

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    Last update: 2004-04-09 16:56
    Revision: 1.0

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