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    ID #1007

    I've installed more memory but my system appears to run slower, is there a problem with the RAM in my PC?

    In most cases, additional RAM improves system performance. However, there are a few rare times when additional RAM actually makes the system slower. The most common reason for the problem is that the system doesn't have enough cache to handle the additional RAM. If this is your case, the only solution is to upgrade to a new computer or motherboard, as cache cannot be upgraded. This applies to most system earlier than Pentium II 350Mhz.

    On older system,
    The Intel 430HX PCIset can cache up to 512 MB, while the Intel 430TX PCIset can cache 64 MB of memory. Each of these chip sets can handle a system with as much memory as the chipset's maximum memory size, but they will perform optimally when all of the memory is cached. For this reason
    performance may slow slightly when a system operates with more memory than its chipset can cache.

    Considerations When Upgrading Main Memory
    As noted in the preceding paragraphs, your system?s processor, main memory, and cache memory interaction are heavily dependent on each other to achieve optimal system functionality. The original manufacturer of your PC takes this into consideration when designing and choosing the parts for the system. If you plan to upgrade your system?s main memory above 64MB, we recommend that you consult your PC supplier to understand your system?s
    main memory cacheability limits and the implication of exceeding those limits.
    For Intel? Chipsets, we offer a portfolio of solutions supporting different cacheability limits:
    Chipsets for the Intel Pentium Processor Family
    430VX = 64MB
    430HX = 512MB
    430TX = 64MB
    Chipsets for the Intel? Pentium? Pro Processor Family
    440FX = 4096MB

    This limit is included in the product specifications and technical documentation provided to our OEM customers. For typical systems and applications, we do not recommend upgrading main memory above these limits as a path to increase performance. If you have questions on which chipset
    is in your system, consult your PC supplier or system documentation. If you want to learn more on the features of Intel's chipsets visit URL If you wish to read Intel chipset specification sheets, go to

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