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    ID #1665

    Why do some Extreme III and IV cards have different read and write speed, also, what is the difference between SDCFX3-4096 and SDCFX3-004G?

    SanDisk has recently increased the speed of the Ultra II, Extreme III, and Extreme IV memory cards.


    Old Speed

    New Speed

    Ultra II



    Extreme III



    Extreme IV



    The following is a sample list of cards that have had a speed bump and what the new product code will look like compared to the old product number. The only change will be the capacity portion of the code.

    Ultra II SDHC cards

    Old Product Number

    New Product Number

    SDSDRH-4096 (10MB/s)

    SDSDRH-004G (15MB/s)

    SDSDRH-8192 (10MB/s)

    SDSDRH-008G (15MB/s)

    Extreme III SDHC cards

    Old Product Number

    New Product Number

    SDSDX3-4096 (20MB/s)

    SDSDX3-004G (30MB/s)

    SDSDX3-8192 (20MB/s)

    SDSDX3-008G (30MB/s)

    Ultra II CompactFlash cards

    Old Product Number

    New Product Number

    SDCFH-4096 (10MB/s)

    SDCFH-004G (15MB/s)

    SDCFH-8192 (10MB/s)

    SDCFH-008G (15MB/s)

    Extreme III CompactFlash cards

    Old Product Number

    New Product Number

    SDCFX3-4096 (20MB/s)

    SDCFX3-004G (30MB/s)

    SDCFX3-8192 (20MB/s)

    SDCFX3-008G (30MB/s)

    SDCFX3-16384 (20MB/s)

    SDCFX3-016G (30MB/s)

    In addition, the new higher speed Ultra II, Extreme III and Extreme IV cards will have their speed rating on the front label of the card.  Below are sample images of the new higher speed cards.
    Image  Image  Image  Image  Image 





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