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    ID #1668

    What is the definition of X Speed Performance?

    Flash cards with a higher X-speed rating are designed to perform faster. The X-speed rating can also be translated into another common measurement of performance - MegaBytes (MB) per second of write speed. To determine the actual MB per second, you must know the value of "X" and do the math using the multiplier number and the value of X as claimed by the product. For example:

    Value of X = 150 KiloBytes* per second, noted as 150 KB/sec

    50X = 50(multiplier of 150KB/sec) =7,500 KB/sec = 7.5 MB/sec

    *1 KB = 1,000 Bytes; 1 MB = 1 million Bytes

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    Last update: 2011-04-22 17:37
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