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After searching for weeks and receiving incorrect merchandise from both Best Buy and Target on a Digital Camera, I was ready to give up until I came to your website I was searching for a Digital Camera memory picture card and finally was able through conversation with one of your customer service reps find what I was looking for. In addition to the courtesy, and prompt delivery, I was very pleased with your service and wanted to thank you for that.

Kenneth B. James

With your instructions, I was able to get the memory recognized by the system after performing the BIOS update. Thank you for being so cordial and polite during our conversation and listening to everything I had to say before jumping to conclusions to get me off the phone. Also, I think your company is the first that I am aware of that actually puts notes on the customer order to stay on top of the customers issues in order to make sure that the customer doesn?

Art Germann Loveland
Senior Systems Consultant

I only purchased memory one other time and it was also through OEMPCWorld. I had a really good experience then and have often recommended them to other buyers. It's been a few years, but now that I had a need for a memory purchase again, I knew where I wanted to shop! I double checked just to be sure and nothing has changed. OEMPCWorld had the lowest price and with their easy to use computer selection process, I am sure I ordered the right memory for my unit.


As always, OEM is very professional and offer a customer service that is second to none in my opinion. I live on the east coast and they always accommodate me with the same service every time. And it isn't the same person but the whole staff. Thanks again for your service.

Robert M

Oempcworld has been truly AWESOME for me. First, I discussed what I wanted with one of your sales folks (sorry, I cannot remember her name, but she was the one that processed my original order.) She was very knowledgible - when I asked her opinion about the amount of memory to purchase she took time to discuss the pros and cons of purchasing more or less memory. Second, she explained the various delivery options and we selected 2 day air. Oempcworld did, in fact, deliver the memory in 2 days. Third, I had a problem with the memory because Windows/ME (which is what I have) does not work with more than 512M (without some under the cover modifications - and, even then, it only tolerates memory above 512M and won't actually use it. When I sent an email asking about what to do about the problems, I quickly was sent an email by YOU explaining that W/ME did not support more than 512M and I was also reminded that I had a 30day money-back guaranty, but I want the memory - so, I will keep it. Fourth - after I identified a price drop you gave me a refund for the excess amount. By the way - I should add that your website showed 2 prices for the same memory. I didn't see the lower price until investigating why the memory did not work. I can't find the 2 prices now, but they were there. The point of this forth issue; however, is that OEMPCWORLD honored the lower price. Bottom line is that I would recommend OEMPCWorld to anyone - any time. Thanks OEMPCWorld.


It was easy - VERY well designed site! super easy to find what I wanted - and the prices were exceptional. Beat the competitors by $50 on a gig of memory for a laptop. Ps.- I design web sites, so I know what I mean by well designed!!


This was the fastest service I think I have ever had. Plus OEMPC had what I was looking for. There was a small plastic pouch in a larger plastic holder. Is there any place that sells these or can they be ordered? The blastic box to hold two SmartMedia cards is a great litle idea. Thank You for the service,

via Bizrate Survey

No Frills,Just the right products. No Chills, No worry about delivery. My kind of company to do business with. I WILL do business again soon! Keep up the good work, there is no better advertising than the word by mouth.

Matthew Bentley

I would rate my experience with triple A's AAA. Affordability of their products, Accessability of their menu to detail the product and Availability of the product in inventory.

Stephen Illes

After scouting about on the net for HOURS finding your site was a blessing!! Several other places said find out yourself about compatibility - some pointed me to much higher priced stock - you matched yours to my Dell Dim. 4300 - at a terrific price [and even free shipping] and from an obviously reputable, reliable, warm fuzzy site!! I will be doing more business here and recommending you.