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Dear Mr Rosito: I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for all your help . If only all companies would do business and treat there customers like you have treated me the BBB would go out of business and the justice system, and lawyers, would all have to find a new way to make money. I seldom, if ever,have been so well treated. Thanks for the memory. Sincerly

OEMpcworld has EXCELLENT customer service. In fact, I am so used to average to bad service, that I couldn't believe how on top of the game you guys are. You respond quickly, and deliver answers and products faster than YOU even predict.

I would like to take a second to thank you for your fast and professional service. I wish everyone I dealt with was as efficient as you are! Thanks,
Tambourine Consulting, Inc

tumbled across your site indirectly in a quest to memeory upgrade my old system. Simply, I'm glad I did!!! You're site, products, prices, background- all felt right. Well, I can definitely say it WAS right!! Best order, value, delivery I've had in years- BRAVO!! Effectively maximizing my system through your product value/service, for 50% less than anywhere else possible. Thank you greatly and be assured- you have a VERY loyal customer on this side...(Just ordered an additional set of memory...) Best Regards,

I am very pleased with the purchace that I made with OEMPCWORLD! I was told by 2 different companies that my PC would require Memory that would cost over $100. You provided me with the memory I wanted for less than half that! The first stick I recieved from you was not compatable with my system, just like the 2 others memory sticks that I had gotten from other companies. All other companies were going to charge me the 'overage'of a $128 stick that was compatable with my system, but the major difference is that you provided me a compatable stick at no extra charge! It's working great in my machine! and you have made me a VERY satisfied customer. I will be in touch with you in the near future for another 256k memory, and all other memory needs. Thank you very much. You guys are great!

I just wanted to tell you how glad I am I came across your website. I tried ordering direct from the computer company and their memory configurator actually caused me to order the wrong speed chip. It gave me the choice of either a PC100 or PC133. I ordered the PC133. My computer ran like it was stuttering. I came to your website, went through your memory configurator, not only did you specifically tell me which chip I needed, but you told me all about my computer exactly how I bought it. Best of all you charged me half as much so I got to order 2 chips instead of one. I have passed your website onto others. Thanks OEM!!!

appreciate good service! This was the third machine I've added memory to (in the past 18 months). For the last two upgrades, I purchased the memory from OEMPCWorld, and see no reason to look anywhere else (in the future) for memory. One of the machines was my sister's home business machine (in Florida), and for that machine I recognize that you went out of your way to FedEx (using my account #) the memory to us so that I would be able to upgrade her PC's memory before returning to NY. Thank you!

I wanted to express my satisfaction and thanks for the service that I received from your organization. Order new RAM on Sunday morning and received it by the following Wednesday. Cracked the case open, removed old SIMMS, replaced with your SIMMS, the CPU recognized it, checked, verified, and set it up. I will recommend your company to my associates. Thanks again, for the service and the product that solved a problem I was having.

How great is it to find a company that provides great prices and the service and support to back it up? Nine times out of ten, you get one or the other. The other time you seemingly get neither. Your company, however, has proven to me that you can out price the competition without sacrificing outstanding customer service. Working for a not-for-profit means finding deals whenever we can. Plus our staff works on older computers and upgrading can be difficult. Your website provided me with all the information I needed in order to find the right memory for our PCs. Your customer service reps responded to our phone calls promptly and helped make the ordering process easy. Our order arrived quickly and securely. But the best part of the experience, ironically, came when the memory that we had ordered ended up failing. I spent time on your website and found all the information needed to confirm that the memory we ordered was the correct type. A call to your office yielded a call the next day. Your representative spent time with me to confirm the memory type that I needed. She directed me to the RMA form and said there would be no problem doing an exchange. This is where I thought the problems would arise. It's one thing for a company to say they'll do something. It's another thing for them to follow through. After about a week and a half, I placed a call into your company asking for a status of my exchange. I played phone tag with a representative the very same day and then received an e-mail at the end of the day from another rep telling me the RMA had been processed and the replacements sent. That was on a Friday. Tuesday morning the memory arrived and it worked flawlessly! Thanks to Michael, Joanne, Olga and everyone else at oempcworld who helped in making this customer very happy

Please relay my appreciation for your excellent customer service to whoever is in charge around there. There is absolutely no doubt that I will be buying my next batch of memory from oempcworld. I plan to build a new office computer in the coming month, and if you've got the memory I need, I won't even comparison shop. Customer service like I have had with your company is worth more than a few cents in price. To recap your good service: 1) When I bought the wrong memory (my fault), you refunded the purchase price. 2) When I ordered the right memory, and the post office delivered it to the wrong address (their fault), you started right away to look into the situation. Fortunately, the person who received the memory put it back in the mail, and I got it. Thanks!