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Very satisfied with OEMPCWorld all around. (Shopping/surfing the site, finding the product, what I thought was the best price, updated e-mails on whereabouts of product ordered). Just a truely good experience !


his is the second time that I have purchased memory for my laptop.Each purchase has went very smooth.Thank you for running a very professional business.


Can't tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you on this order. I have been credited my $40 as part of the buyback and that is so cool! I won't personally buy alot of memory, but I can assure you, I will direct whatever personal and b2b business I can!

2008-03-14 has quite possibly the best customer support i have ever seen. I ordered a block of RAM for my computer, and I made the error in ordering the wrong amount. So i called up customer support and they said that my computer can only hold 256 mb of ram per slot, and i ordered 512. they gave me specifics about my computer! Normally I would have spend a good day on the phone trying to get through to microsoft or dell, this only took five minutes. So then I returned the RAM, which was extremely easy. A day later i got a phone call saying that I ordered the wrong kind again. That just flat out amazed me that they look through each return and make sure that what you ordered is right. If only all companies could have the tech support of

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My son, after doing careful research, ordered a memory upgrade from you. On finding it didn't work he rang you and you told him he had the wrong part. He then ordered what he thought was the right part. A few days after placing the order someone from your shop rang and told him he had ordered the wrong configuration, carefully checked with him what he wanted, and explained what was going on. You sent him the correct part, which is now installed and working. Today I see a credit from you on my card for the difference in price. I am very impressed by the service you gave him and me. Not often one can say it - the amount was less than $100. Thanks Guys. Your care, attention and great business sense was evident.

I just received the memory I ordered from you last week. It works perfectly, and it's good to know there's a lifetime warranty, just in case. Even after shipping, your price was less than a third of what Apple wanted. It was even $70 less than a local dealer with education discounts. I've seen all the testimonials you have, so I know you don't really need this one. I just want to thank you for an excellent transaction.

You guys are great - I found memory for an old PC on this site, at a reasonable price, and it was shipped quickly. I've already recommended your site to another person. Great doing business with you!! I especially liked the security of your triple guarantee; makes it much more comfortable to order.

I decided to give my current laptop one last try and in doing so give it some juice. I went on a memory search, and found a fairly cheap store on eBay. I followed a link to their memory configurator and fell in love. This store was Other interactive find the right memory applications left me with a "am I really sure this is the memory I need" feeling in my gut. They send you through and give you the type. In my case, the only response I got was DDR PC2100. No mention of pin counts or the fact that I should look for SODIMMs. I only found all this out later. Other sites are very lacking in definitive memory purchasing. Taht and their product pages are fairly non-descript.At , they pull you through a few drop downs to determine your system type and then not only give great specifics, but they also link directly to their in-stock products that are meant for your system. No mistakes possible at all! They even keep your system name listed in your cart to make extra sure you are on track. Now, I'm a 10+ year techie veteran, but this is the only site that left me feeling 100% confident I was buying exactly what I needed. Memory is tough to figure out now a days. Next kudo goes to their slick cart system. Very step by step easy to follow. But the cool part is the upsell mechanism they put in! As a web developer I dropped my jaw to the ground at the sheer brilliance of it. Right before teh payment step a screen popped in to the process that offered me a static wrist guard at half price for this order only. They knew I might want/need one and put it right in front of me at just teh right time. I didn't order one, but the way it happened made me feel so happy that someone was getting things right!! The last kudo goes to their customer service. Very fast, very responsive. I paid for Fedex 2nd day shipping so I could get the order by Friday to use the weekend to do my system overhaul. Having ordered Wednesday, I felt safe it would work. But then I wondered when they shipped orders out. Turns out any order after 10AM PST gets shipped out the next day. That would have put my memory here Monday (RATS!) So, I called at 3PM PST just after ordering to see if there was any possible way to have them drop the shipment today so it would get here Friday. Two minutes later I got the, sure we can do that for you answer, and an hour later their system sent me a "your order has shipped - here is your tracking number" email. Their prices are very good, AND they offer RAM buy-back! If you want to send old memory back to them, they'll give you a credit on your invoice! Can you believe that! Who the hell does that??! If you need memory for anything, you need to go to to buy it. Hands down.

Folks, I wanted to take a second to let you know that I have received my memory and it seems to be working flawlessly, and to let you know that ordering from you have been a pleasure. I'm in the middle of the Persian Gulf and I received my order just under 2 weeks after ordering it. Thank you.

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with your service. Very fast shipping, top quality product, and a helpful operator when I called with a question prior to ordering. 100% satisfied and please feel free to use my comments in marketing your company. Thank you!