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RAMCHECK LX base tester, includes universal 240/100VAC switching power supply.

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    Purchase RAMCHECK LX base tester, includes universal 240/100VAC switching power supply.

    RAMCHECK LX base tester, includes universal 240/100VAC switching power supply. SKU: 500924    Brand: Innoventions    MFG Code: INN-8686

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    RAMCHECK LX base memory tester. Adapters sold separately.

    Sold throughout the world, the RAMCHECK LX base tester provides the user with a fast, easy-to-understand way to quickly test and identify memory. It features a vivid black on white display viewable from any angle, and alerts the user with both distinctive tones and LEDs. With its optional adapters, it can test DDR4, DDR3, DDR2 and DDR DIMMs.

    Compared with testing on a motherboard, RAMCHECK LX is very fast! The Basic test takes just a few seconds to a minute or two, depending upon the size of the DIMM. It gives you complete identification of each module, including the speed rating, size, structure, type and manufacturer serial number.

    Sample Test Times

    Module Size
    Basic Test Time
    Extensive Test Time
    2Gx72 (16GB DDR3)
    3 min 17 sec
    8 min 12 sec
    512Mx64 (4GB DDR4)
    20 - 24 sec
    2 min 26 sec
    1Gx72 (8GB DDR4)
    42 - 50 sec
    2 min 44 sec
    2Gx72 (16GB DDR4)
    1:30 - 1:45 min
    3 min 33 sec
    4Gx72 (32GB DDR4)
    2:50 - 3:15 min
    4 min 44 sec

    The Basic Test will fulfill most of your needs and includes both identification and basic testing, as each memory cell is tested several times. It also provides you with complete structure and speed information, and it checks the module's wiring. If you just need a fast test for large volumes of memory, it should be sufficient. However, the Basic Test may not detect complex pattern sensitivity faults due to its short execution time.

    You can end the test at this time by ejecting the module. If you leave the module inserted, it will roll over to the Extensive Test after a few seconds.

    The Extensive Test performs additional test phases. It's easy to customize the RAMCHECK LX test program to skip any Extensive Test phase. Skipping a test will shorten the overall test time.

    The RAMCHECK LX works with its optional PC software, allowing you to connect the RAMCHECK LX to your PC for SPD editing and printing test logs.

    The RAMCHECK LX base tester includes a universal 240/100VAC switching power supply. DIMM and SODIMM adapters are not included and must be purchased separately.

    Thia unit is refurbished and may have some minor exterior scratches. It is fully functional and upgraded to the final factory specifications.


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    Q JW • 11/06/2020, 12:04:01 PM What is the difference between the Ramcheck and Ramcheck LX?
    A 11/06/2020, 6:11:25 PM The RAMCHECK is the older tester. The main issue is RAMCHECK cannot test DDR4 or DDR3 LR-DIMM, only RAMCHECK LX can. RAMCHECK LX also uses a USB port for its optional software interface, and has a much larger, brighter display. As it relies on older components, the RAMCHECK will also be slower in the tests than the RAMCHECK LX.
    Q TB • 11/10/2020, 7:55:03 AM Do I need a PC to use this?
    A 11/11/2020, 11:56:01 AM No, you do not. It can operate independently from a PC. However, if you want to print test logs you will need to connect it to a PC via a USB2 A-B cable (6 foot recommended) and install the PC software program. You can also use this program to edit/save SPD data from the module.
    Q RJ • 12/02/2020, 2:03:59 PM How fast is the test?
    A 12/03/2020, 4:40:53 PM Here are some sample test times. 2Gx72 (16GB DDR3) 3 min 17 sec (Basic Test), 2Gx72 (16GB DDR3) 8 min 12 sec (Extensive Test); 4Gx72 (32GB DDR4) 2:50 - 3:15 min (Basic Test), 4Gx72 (32GB DDR4) 4 min (Extensive Test). Your results may vary due to latency, speed rating, etc. But this provides a good reference point.
    Q P • 02/09/2021, 6:38:28 PM Can this be updated?
    A 02/10/2021, 11:26:19 AM All RAMCHECK LX testers are shipped with the last factory firmware update, vs. 3.46, released in October 2019. There will be no more updates.

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