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Great SD Cards for Digital Cameras

Great SD cards for DSLR cameras

Whether you’re buying a quality digital camera as a gift or you’re simply looking to upgrade your DSLR’s capabilities, it’s important that you get the right flash memory card. If you chose the wrong card your camera’s performance may slow to a crawl or not even work. With few exceptions, modern digital cameras use the […]

Stock up now and save on eco-friendly SanDisk Ultra Eco USB flash drives

SanDisk Ultra Eco USB flash drive

SanDisk’s new Ultra Eco USB 3.2 flash drive is designed with the planet in mind. It’s made with 70% recycled plastics, cutting CO2 emissions by over 50% and manufactured using a process which saves energy and fresh water. And while it’s better for the environment, it still delivers you the blazing speeds you’ve come to […]

Eureka DDR4-2400 Memory Tester

Eureka DDR4-2400 memory tester

If you are testing high volumes of server, desktop or laptop memory on a motherboard you know that it can take hours to test each module. Memory may also not test properly due to conflicts between the module under test and the motherboard. So what do you do if you’re running an ITAD company, data […]

Samsung SSDs: PM893 vs PM897

Samsung PM893 cs PM897

Samsung offers two SATA SSD families, available in a range of capacities and write endurance levels to meet just about any application that you can think of. So which model is the correct choice for your data center requirements? Here are some key differences. Samsung PM893 Considered the successor of the PM883, the Samsung PM893 […]

Best SSD for your PS5 (2023 Edition)

SSDs for Sony PS5

Level up your PS5 and boost your game performance! While the package your shiny new PS5 comes in says it has 825 GB of internal storage space (sounds like a lot!), much of that is taken up by system files…up to 25%! With a new, upgraded SSD (Solid State Drive) your PS5 gaming system will […]

What’s so great about DDR5?

What's so great about DDR5?

You’ve heard about DDR5. It’s been talked about for years, and it’s finally, slowly, becoming mainstream in 2022. So what’s so great about DDR5 compared with its predecessors? There are many benefits, but here are some of the biggest. Increased Bandwidth: DDR5 memory bandwidth is twice that of DDR4, resulting in substantial performance improvements. Its […]

Solid State Drives for Enterprise

OEMPCWORLD carries a range of solid state drives (SSDs) for Enterprise computing platforms. They provide best-in-class performance for data centers and other computing-intensive environments, giving you unrivaled speed, capacity and reliability without bottlenecks. These Enterprise solid state drives are available in different form factors, including 2.5″, M.2, HHHL (half height, half length), and U.2. Check […]

What to look for in an SSD

Solid-State Drives (SSDs) are flash memory storage devices that have replaced older hard disk drive technology that relies on spinning magnetic platters. SSDs are quiet, use far less power, and as they have no moving parts, they are more reliable than the older storage technology. SSDs are also noticeably faster than traditional hard disk drives, […]