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What’s so great about DDR5?

What's so great about DDR5?

You’ve heard about DDR5. It’s been talked about for years, and it’s finally, slowly, becoming mainstream in 2022. So what’s so great about DDR5 compared with its predecessors? There are many benefits, but here are some of the biggest. Increased Bandwidth: DDR5 memory bandwidth is twice that of DDR4, resulting in substantial performance improvements. Its […]

Solid State Drives for Enterprise

OEMPCWORLD carries a range of solid state drives (SSDs) for Enterprise computing platforms. They provide best-in-class performance for data centers and other computing-intensive environments, giving you unrivaled speed, capacity and reliability without bottlenecks. These Enterprise solid state drives are available in different form factors, including 2.5″, M.2, HHHL (half height, half length), and U.2. Check […]

What to look for in an SSD

Solid-State Drives (SSDs) are flash memory storage devices that have replaced older hard disk drive technology that relies on spinning magnetic platters. SSDs are quiet, use far less power, and as they have no moving parts, they are more reliable than the older storage technology. SSDs are also noticeably faster than traditional hard disk drives, […]

Sell us your RAMCHECK LX

Sell us your RAMCHECK LX

Have an old RAMCHECK LX memory tester gathering dust that you’re no longer using? Sell it to us! Not only does OEMPCWORLD offer repair and calibration services, we are offering a generous buyback for used RAMCHECK LX memory test systems for DDR4 and DDR3. Equipment should be in working condition, including the test socket and […]

The Best microSD Cards for the Nintendo Switch

The best microSD cards for the Nintendo Switch

Whether you’re gifting a Nintendo Switch game system or you’re thinking of buying one for yourself, it’s important to note that the console includes a mere 32GB of internal NAND memory (64GB in the Nintendo Switch OLED). Considering that popular games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Fortnite, and Pokémon Sword each take […]

Great microSD Cards for Android Phones

Is it time to get a higher capacity microSD card for your Samsung Galaxy, Note or other Android phone or tablet? You can easily boost your phone’s capacity to store more apps and large files like HD movies, without spending a lot of money. Just make sure you pick the right microSD card for your […]

USB Flash Drives – The Best of the Best

There are many dirt-cheap USB Flash drives on the market, often packaged as novelty items. Their storage capacity is usually limited, while offering very slow transfer speeds. And because their build quality is often poor, they don’t tend to last long. If you’re looking for a good USB Flash drive, whether for your own use […]

Great SD Cards for Digital Cameras

Great SD cards for DSLR cameras

Whether you’re buying a quality digital camera as a Christmas gift or you’re simply looking to upgrade your DSLR’s capabilities, it’s important that you get the right flash memory card. If you chose the wrong card your camera’s performance may slow to a crawl or not even work. With few exceptions, modern digital cameras use […]

The Best SD Cards for Trail Cams

SD card trail cam

Don’t miss out on any opportunities! If you’re gearing up for hunting season and own a trail cam, now is a good time to test your camera to make sure your SD card is storing image and video files properly. It’s not fun to spend weeks planning your hunt, only to find out once you’re […]