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Modules listed below represent the best possible solution to your upgrade needs for your Deskjet System Model – 100% Guaranteed **!
Please contact us if your particular system model is not listed or if compatible modules are missing.

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HPDeskJet 1200C
HPDeskJet 1200C/PS
HPDeskJet 1600C
HPDeskJet 1600CM
HPDeskJet 1600CN
HPDeskJet 2500C+ PCS
HPDeskJet 3520
HPDeskJet 3535
HPDeskJet 3550
HPDeskJet 3650
HPDeskJet 3740
HPDeskJet 3745
HPDeskJet 3845
HPDeskJet 450CBi
HPDeskJet 450Ci
HPDeskJet 450wbt
HPDeskJet 500
HPDeskJet 500C
HPDeskJet 500Plus
HPDeskJet 5150
HPDeskJet 520
HPDeskJet 5440
HPDeskJet 5500
HPDeskJet 550C
HPDeskJet 560C
HPDeskJet 5650
HPDeskJet 5740
HPDeskJet 5850
HPDeskJet 5940
HPDeskJet 6122
HPDeskJet 6127
HPDeskJet 6540
HPDeskJet 6540dt
HPDeskJet 6840
HPDeskJet 6840dt
HPDeskJet 9300
HPDeskJet 9650
HPDeskJet 9680
HPDeskJet 995ck


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