USB drives have been around for ages now and are still a really convenient, highly portable way to move information from one device to another. Until recently most computing systems had a good old, tried and true USB Type-A port on them and moving information to/from devices simply required finding an available USB port and plugging in.

Times have changed a bit, with some newer computers having USB Type-C ports and cell phones and tablets arriving on the scene with their tiny micro-USB or Lightning connectors. Now moving information from one place to another isn’t quite as simple.

Adapters or multi-port hubs may work in some cases but can’t always be guaranteed to be available.

Our selection of dual-connector USB drives often provide a better solution when frequently working between devices with two different connector types.


USB Type-A + Type-C Drives

Our Type-A to Type-C USB drives are an excellent choice for moving data from devices with older USB ports to newer ones like MacBooks which only have USB-C ports. They also work great with the newer generation of cell phones which have implemented USB-C.


SanDisk Ultra SDDDC2 Models, 16GB to 256GB

SanDisk Ultra Go SDDDC3 Models, 32GB to 512GB

SanDisk Ultra Luxe SDDDC4 Models, 32GB to 1TB


USB Type-A to Lightning Drives

Apple iPhones and iPads fill up with pictures and videos. It happens. Rather than buy a new phone, our lineup of SanDisk iXpand drives provide a convenient way to archive information and free up space.


SanDisk iXpand Mini – SDIX40N Models, 16GB to 128GB

SanDisk iXpand Go – SDIX60N Models, 128GB and 256GB

SanDisk iXpand Flip Drive SDIX90N Models, 32GB to 256GB


USB Type-C to Lightning Drives

These models connect your Apple devices to other products which have USB Type-C ports.



USB Type-A + micro USB Drives (OTG)

On-the-go or OTG USB drives were one of the first dual connector drives to appear and are used to move information between a traditional computing environment and an Android phone which has a micro USB connector.


SanDisk Dual OTC – SDDD2 Models, 16GB to 128GB

SanDisk Ultra OTG – SDDD3 Models, 16GB to 256GB


One thing to be aware of: Android and Apple iOS are significantly different operating systems than the familiar plug-and-play, drag-and-drop interfaces available on computers. Be sure to read the product information to understand how to best use one of these drives to extend your storage on Android or Apple products.

I hope this information was helpful. Please take some time to follow the links to our website where you can learn more about these product and to see pricing, including volume discounts. If you normally get your pricing directly from me please reach out and I’ll provide a quote.

Also, please contact me with any other questions you may have about these or any of the other great flash, memory and storage products we carry. I’m here, working for you every day. I look forward to our next conversation. Until then, take care.

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