Eureka DDR4-2400 memory tester

If you are testing high volumes of server, desktop or laptop memory on a motherboard you know that it can take hours to test each module. Memory may also not test properly due to conflicts between the module under test and the motherboard. So what do you do if you’re running an ITAD company, data center or memory business and you’re looking for a way to increase throughput? We have the solution.

The Eureka DDR4-2400 memory tester is designed specifically for your requirements, quickly testing and accurately identifying DDR4 modules. You can identify and test a DDR4 ECC Registered DIMM in less than 45 seconds! It even includes a pictorial aid so you can pinpoint faulty chips.

The Eureka’s included software interface is easy to use, with minimal setup required. The tester also features long-life sockets that will last for thousands of insertion/removal cycles. Compare that to testing on a motherboard socket, which will quickly break.

To operate, simply connect the Eureka memory tester to your Windows PC via the USB port, power it on and launch the test program. It tests DDR4 UDIMM / RDIMM / LRDIMM and SODIMM modules, with a frequency range of 1600 – 2400 Mhz. If you need an “at speed” tester (clock range 1866 – 2940Mhz), a separate Eureka model is available.

The Eureka DDR4-2400 Memory Test System Performs:

  • Auto ID – Memory Configuration, Size
  • Auto ID – Frequency, CAS Latency
  • Detects – ECC and Non-ECC RDIMM
  • Real Cycle Time Testing
  • Speedy Test Times
                  DDR4 RAM tester

It also checks for assembly faults, and can run up to 27 different test patterns.

A good RAM tester is an investment that will pay big dividends by reducing test times and improving test accuracy. The Eureka DDR4-2400 memory tester is manufactured by a company with more than 30 years of experience in the business. Thousands of companies and other organizations from around the world have relied upon these memory testers, including many Fortune 500 companies.

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