Flash Cards have changed a lot since the introduction of the first PCMCIA ATA cards in 1990.  Over 30 years later there are many different types of flash cards.  Some are no longer in production, while others are at the bleeding edge of modern storage technology.

We understand many of our customers have devices which still require the older legacy cards so we do our best to source even the most obsolete options to support your requirements.

When a flash card is no longer in production we occasionally find a stash of old inventory and buy it.  We call this “new old stock” or NOS.  Other times we find lightly used cards and put them through our three-stage process to clean them, wipe the data and test for defects before making them available as refurbished products.  These refurbs carry a full warranty just like a new card, so you can be confident using them.

Here are some handy links to our product pages at OEMPCWorld.com where we have a wide selection and volume pricing.  If you buy more than 200 pieces of a product at a time or already get your pricing directly from me please contact me any time you need a fresh price.


Our GR Brand ATA Cards are contract manufactured for us:



We also carry major brand refurbs and NOS:



Memory Stick
Because Sony always likes to do things their own way.



MMC Multi Media Card



Smart Media Card



X-D Picture Card



​​We don’t always have large quantities on hand due to scarcity, but if you have a requirement and tell me a couple weeks ahead of time I can usually work with our team to prioritize your needs in the collection cycle and get you covered.

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Please message me and I’ll help to find it.  Also, when you are ready to move to a newer technology we will make recommendations and help you navigate the path from here to there.  Please contact me any time.  I am at your service.


Until I hear from you again, be safe.

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