New GoRAM Flash Products

We have a new look for our in-house GoRAM brand of flash memory products, as well as a fresh, new product lineup. Best of all, we’re bringing these GoRAM flash products to you at the amazing values GoRAM is known for.

First up is our GoRAM GoStick lineup of USB 3.0 + USB-C Type-C flash drives. Go-Stick is the perfect solution if you need extra storage for your Android smartphone, PC, Macbook, iPad or tablet.

Very easy to use, the Go-Stick is “plug and play,” so no software or special installation is required. Each Go-Stick features a durable and stylish aluminum shell to keep your files safe, plus a loophole to attach it to your key chain or lanyard. Its fast USB 3.0 technology also ensures speedy file transfers.

GoRAM Go-Stick Lineup

GoRAM is a name you can rely on. It’s our in-house brand for value-conscious buyers. For decades we have been working with the same factories to produce this line of inexpensive flash products for you. GoRAM flash products support a wide range of consumer and commercial grade applications, using brand-name components, just like many of the popular “big name” brands you know. In addition to factory-level testing, we do our own testing on receipt to ensure consistent quality before shipping.

More GoRAM flash products will be rolling out soon. If you haven’t already tried a GoRAM product, give us a shout! We are here to provide you with the most suitable and cost-efficient solutions for your applications.