As you already know USB Drives come in so many varieties. The changes never end and our product team is constantly adding newer, bigger, faster models to meet your ever-changing requirements.

Feast your eyes on the latest USB Flash Drive models recently added. Volume quantity discounts are available by clicking on the product links below. If you usually get your pricing from me just reach out and I’ll quote you. If you buy 500 units or more at a time I also have deeper discounts available.


DataTraveler 80

DataTraveler Elite G2


JumpDrive S47

JumpDrive Fingerprint F35


BAR Plus


Cruzer Spark

Ultra Fit

Ultra Flair

Ultra Type-C

I hope this information keeps you up-to-date on the latest. Just because we’re launching new products doesn’t mean we won’t continue to support your old favorites as long as they are available.

Please contact me next time you need more of the same or want to try something new and different. I’m here, working for you, your own personal flash and memory expert. I can’t wait to work with you again.

Best regards,

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