How are you?  I am contacting you because you buy Samsung flash products from us and there have been some updates to the Samsung product lineup.  I do my best to keep you well informed and will help you navigate the changes.

Our Samsung Evo Plus series micro SD cards are very popular for their mix of great performance specs, reasonable price and high compatibility across a wide range of applications.  Recently Samsung moved to a new manufacturing process for the flash chips used in this series, and as a result the part numbers changed as well as some of the specs.

The previous generation Samsung Evo Plus cards had a “GA” in the part number (ie. MB-MC128GA) while the new models have an “HA” in them (ie. MB-MC128HA).  To see our full selection of Samsung Evo Cards, old and new, follow this link.

The new models are already in stock, and two of the old models <128GB/256GB> are already discontinued.  Here is a model-by-model comparison of the changes:


MB-MC32GA is the end of the line for the 32GB capacity. There is no 32GB capacity model available in the new series. We expect this model, which has a read speed of 95MB/s and a write speed of 20MB/s, to be available awhile longer, but demand will dictate. If you need to stock up before the change or test out a different card to replace this one let’s talk.


MB-MC64GA (Read 100MB/s, Write 60MB/s)
MB-MC64HA (Read 100MB/s, Write 20MB/s*)
*note the slower write speed on the new model, if you need to keep the 60MB/s write speed, move up to the new 128GB capacity model.


MB-MC128GA (Read 100MB/s, Write 90MB/s)
MB-MC128HA (Read 100MB/s, Write 60MB/s*)
*note the slower write speed on the new model, if you need to keep the 90MB/s write speed, move up to the new 256GB capacity model.

We have very low stock on the older 128GB model, but we have a special allocation coming in.  Please contact me if you need to reserve some while they are still available.


MB-MC256GA (Read 100MB/s, Write 90MB/s)
MB-MC256HA (Read 100MB/s, Write 90MB/s)
We are nearly out of the older 256GB model, but we have a special allocation coming in. Please contact me to reserve some.


We didn’t carry a 512GB card in the old series, and now we stock the new MB-MC512HA (Read 100MB/s, Write 90MB/s).

In addition the the Samsung Evo Plus Series micro SD cards we also carry these great Samsung flash products.  Follow the links to see our selection and pricing.

Samsung Pro Endurance micro SD cards

The Samsung Pro Endurance series micro SD cards are designed to last longer in constant read/write intensive applications like security systems, dash cams, body cams and data loggers. If your use case causes conventional micro SD cards to wear out frequently then a high endurance card may be a good choice. While they cost a little more, they are reported to last up to 25X longer under constant use.



Samsung FIT Plus USB 3.1 Drives

This compact fit drive is designed to plug in and stay. The tiny, unobtrusive size stays out of your way.



Samsung DUO Plus USB 3.1 Drives

Two flash drives in one to double your connectivity options. Samsung Duo Plus drives offer a standard USB connector on one side and a USB-C on the other making it ideal for transitioning between devices.



Samsung BAR Plus USB 3.1 Drives

This stylish, sleek, metallic drive with no caps or moving parts is our most popular, cherished for its rugged design and good looks.



I hope you found this information helpful. Have a question? Need a price? Want a recommendation for your specific application? I am your personal flash, memory and storage expert, always here at your service. Please contact me any time. I look forward to serving you again soon. Until then, stay safe.

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