One thing that never changes is everything changes eventually.  That is certainly the truth when it comes to flash storage.  There is a change to the SanDisk lineup for one of the cards you have purchased or evaluated.  I am notifying you so we can work together to plan for this.

The SanDisk Ultra SDSDUNC series 80MB/s Standard Size SD cards (the full-size ones) are now EOL. They have been replaced by SanDisk Ultra SDSDUNR series.

The new series uses TLC NAND instead of the older MLC NAND technology and gets a performance boost up to 90MB/s transfer speed on the smallest card and up to 100MB/s on the bigger ones.

This is a backward-compatible, drop-in replacement for nearly all applications, but we do recommend buying a few of the new card for testing if you are using it in a mass production device or large scale deployment to be certain.  I will work closely with your team to ensure you get a working solution, we have many options available to recommend.

Pricing on the new models is the same as the previous generation.  If you are a volume purchaser please contact me and I will freshen your pricing for this series to make sure you are up to date next time you need to order.

Here are the specifics with links to our website for more information on the new cards:


16GB card, smallest capacity in series, EOL
No replacement, 32GB is smallest in new series
Likely to be available for several more months to allow time to move to bigger card.



32GB card, replaced by SDSDUNR-032G-GN6IN  90MB/s Transfer Speed



64GB card, replaced by SDSDUNR-064G-GN6IN 100MB/s Transfer Speed​



128GB card, replaced by SDSDUNR-128G-GN6IN 100MB/s Transfer Speed​



There is also a new, higher capacity card added to the series:
256GB card, SDSDUNR-256G-GN6IN, 100MB/s Transfer Speed



Standard packaging for this card is tamper-resistant retail pack.  We can provide these in bulk/tray packaging on request for the same price.

The new series is already in stock and we are taking orders and forecasts.

​I hope you are well and staying safe.  I also hope this information was helpful. Please contact me with questions, for your current volume pricing or to provide your forecast.

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