Hello, I hope your Summer is going well.  I am contacting you because you purchase our house brand GoRAM SD cards and there has been a design change which could affect you.

For the last several years, our lower capacity SD cards have used a controller IC from Chipsbank(Simbond), model 3088. This controller is now EOL and was replaced with model 3688.

Our higher capacity SD cards were previously built using Silicon Motion’s 2683 or 2685 controllers.  These have been replaced with the Silicon Motion 2701.

While the newer controller models tend to have good backward compatibility and will work in most devices, it is always wise to test the new model before deploying on a large scale.  Some older cameras, medical devices and other purpose-built products, especially ones which can only use cards 2GB capacity and smaller can be finicky about the cards they use.

Let’s play it safe and arrange samples for you to test in your device.  This way we’ll know you’re good to go next time you need more cards.  In the event one of our new standard builds does not work in your device fear not, we have some other options we can look at.  The goal is to make this transition seamless.

Regarding price, there is no change.  In fact, chip pricing has been going down a bit lately.  We may be able to save you a little on your next order.

Here is a list of the new models we carry for your convenience.  If you normally get your pricing from me or plan to buy larger quantities please let me know and I’ll give you the current price.


GoRAM SD Cards

I hope this information was useful. Please respond and I will arrange test samples for you right away. I look forward to your reply. Until then, take care.

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