The change is afoot in the house of SanDisk. The SanDisk Ultra series micro SD cards are getting an update.

While the new specs will be easy for some to adopt, others may need to do some testing before moving over to the new editions so I’m giving you the scoop and I’ll be here to help you with the transition.

Here is what we know:  the changes are already underway, with some capacities in the older series already going into shortage.  The biggest impact is regarding capacity.  The 16GB cards have been dropped from both new series, so 32GB is the smallest card available in the newer models.

Please click the product links in this message to see our current selection of both old and new SanDisk Ultra micro SD cards.  Volume pricing is also visible on the website, but if you buy 500 or more at a time or normally work directly with me on pricing please get in touch and I will give you updated costs.

SDSQUNS is out, SDSQUNR is in

The entry-level SanDisk Ultra card is getting a speed boost.  The older series clocked in at 80MB/s, while the new SDSQUNR micro SD Cards offer a maximum transfer speed of 100MB/s.  This is as retail packaged card.  In the new SDSQUNR series there is not a version which includes the full size SD adapter.

SDSQUAR is retiring, SDSQUA4 is taking its place

The faster Ultra series used to be called “Ultra Plus” but SanDisk dropped that a few years back and now its just the other Ultra, the faster one, the more Ultra of the Ultras, the red and grey card.  Whatever you call it, the old SDSQUAR model is phasing out and in comes the new SDSQUA4. Why is the last digit a number instead of a letter? We don’t know, but we’re ok with it.  Transfer speeds are upgraded to 120MB/s from the previous 100MB/s rating.  These retail models are available with and without SD card adapters.

More Stuff to Know, You Know?
Like all of the retail series cards we stock at OEMPCWorld, we offer the convenience of alternate bulk tray packaging, so if you have a large scale deployment and don’t like cutting into tamper-resistant packages one-by-one, please specify “Bulk/Tray” when you order from me and I will arrange.

SanDisk usually stops shipping the bigger cards in the older series right away and keeps the smallest one around for awhile, so there may be a little time left on the 16GB SDSQUNS and  16GB SDSQUAR, but that will depend on overall demand.

We will keep the older models in stock as long as possible, but sometimes price begins to rise and supply gets scarce.  We recommend testing and transitioning to something in mass production before it impacts your bottom line.  We have some of the new cards in stock now and the rest inbound.  Please contact me to get a few for testing.

We are an independent distributor, so we have more than just SanDisk to offer.  If you don’t want to move to a 32GB card, we may have other brands to offer.  Let’s talk about your must-have requirements and I’ll give you all the options to consider.

I hope this information keeps you well informed.  Please contact me when you get a moment and let’s start working on the transition together.  I am here, at your service.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

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