I hope your November is starting well. I’m contacting you to tell you about our newly released flash cards.

Have you heard about CFexpress yet? It is one of the latest candidates for biggest bestest in the flash card world. CFexpress traces its ancestry to the CompactFlash card, a long time favorite in high-end cameras and the workhorse in embedded industrial applications for many years.

CompactFlash, or CF cards as we also know them, use the IDE interface just like older Hard Disk Drives. After CF came CFAST which uses a Serial ATA interface like SATA Hard Drives and SSDs. Now CFexpress pushes performance to another level by using the faster-wider PCIe 3.0 bus to process more data at once. Think of the progression this way, since the introduction of CompactFlash in 1994 we have gone from a one lane dirt trail to a multi-lane super highway!

CFexpress cards have much higher read-write speeds than most other flash cards available currently and are the storage of choice in some of the newest cameras used by photographers and videographers including:

  • Canon

    • C300 Mark III
    • C500 Mark II
    • 1D X Mark III
    • R5
  • Nikon

    • Z6
    • Z7
    • D6
  • Panasonic

    • Lumix DC-S1
    • Lumix DC-S1R

Here are our new house brand CFexpress cards for  your consideration. These are in retail packaging and include a protective plastic clamshell for easy storage. Click the product links to see more information as well as volume pricing.



If you buy more than 500 units at a time or usually get your pricing directly from me please contact me for your special price.

Once your location work is complete and you need to transfer the footage from your CFexpress Card to your post-production environment you will need a CFexpress to USB reader. This is our current favorite from SanDisk. Developed using the USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, this reader offers ultra-fast read speeds up to 1250MB/s for optimized workflow.

CFexpress Card Readers


I hope this information keeps you well informed. Please contact me if you have any questions about CFexpress or if I can help you with any of your current product requirements. I am here at your service. I look forward to working with you again soon. Until then, take care.

Best regards,

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