What is the best microSD Card for my drone?

There are quite a few articles about the best microSD cards for your drone. Unfortunately, many of these articles are outdated and don’t provide current information. Mid-way through 2021, what is the state of the market for microSD cards for the most popular drones? In 2021 it’s not just about speed and capacity… it’s also […]

Testing Computer Memory

Whether you’re a dealer selling thousands of modules a week, or an ITAD technician tearing down PCs, or if you’re responsible for thousands of servers in a data center, you need some way to test computer memory. A number of free software tools are available on the market that allow you to test memory directly […]

SDRAM – DDR4 Form Factors

Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory allows for high transfer rates and fast performance. DDR4 outperforms all it’s predecessors DDR3, DDR2, DDR and of course SDR SDRAM in all areas; clock speed, performance, bus speed and throughput. It’s data transfer rate range is from 17 to 21.3 GB/s compared to the previous versions […]

About CompactFlash Cards

CompactFlash (CF) card is a memory card used in small portable devices mostly DSLR (Digital Single-lens reflex) cameras. CF cards are durable, portable and fast. There is a range of cards based on speed and capacity. Card speed relates to the speed of writing data onto the card and read speed relates to how fast […]

USB Flash Drive Types

USB Flash Drives Types and Uses Universal Serial Bus – USB, is an established industry standard for cables and connectors for computers and other digital and storage devices. About USB Port Types The types of USB Flash Drives range based capacity, size, shape, physical properties and compatibility with devices. That is why we need to […]

What are those hieroglyphic characters on SD Cards?

Recently I was asked this question while I was helping my friends to select appropriate microSD card for their phone. I found the question funny, but my friend didn’t. This made me realize how convoluted and confusing those “hieroglyphic” characters can be for most people who did not make it their mission to study and […]