microSD Card Availability Update

Hi!  How are you doing?  I’m checking in with some updates regarding the recent supply chain shortages and shipping delays which could impact you.

I mentioned in the previous blog how controller IC shortages have caused price hikes and availability issues.  The good news is three of our most popular micro SD cards are finally back in stock.

The SanDisk Edge 8GB Class 4, model SDSDQAB-008G is back in limited quantities. This card is officially marked EOL so supply will begin to taper off.  The 16GB version, model SDSDQAB-016G replaces it.

The 4GB SanDisk Edge micro SD Card, model SDSDQAB-004G has been EOL for some time now, but SanDisk occasionally does special runs. We picked some more up recently if you need them.

The SanDisk Industrial micro SD Card, model SDSDQAF3-008G-I has been scarce lately but we have some on hand again.  This one is not EOL, but production has been delayed for some time due to component availability. If you have any projects coming up, please let me know so I can try to prioritize your requirements to get your product delivered on schedule.

Due to current market conditions, we are still recommending the selection of an alternate part to substitute in the event that your preferred item is not available. If you don’t have a list of acceptable backups yet, please contact me and I’ll recommend some options and arrange parts for you to test.

I hope this information was helpful. I know this year has been a challenge for buyers of electronic components. We’re here to help you through it. I look forward to working with you next time you need expert support or service for flash, memory or storage products. Until then, take care.

Best regards,

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