Let’s talk about Industrial Flash Solutions.

As a user of Industrial Grade SLC memory cards, you have probably seen your available options gradually shrink or disappear altogether. We first raised this issue in our 2021 message regarding SLC technology. Now most SLC-based products are completely gone from the market, and the few remaining are designated LTB (last to buy).

The reason SLC NAND has gone into the sunset is a matter of demand vs cost to produce. As newer flash technologies have become faster, more durable and support higher capacities it has become a difficult financial decision for manufacturers to continue to invest in a decades-old technology. Before SLC was completely phased out however, a new generation of Industrial Grade solutions were introduced utilizing less expensive chip architectures which deliver equivalent reliability often at lower costs.

Transcend is our manufacturing partner for Industrial flash solutions and we offer their complete lineup of products. You may browse our selection of in-stock solutions online or contact me to discuss your needs. Please note, our online listings do not represent the entire Transcend catalog. If you don’t see a model or series you’re interested please let me know and we’ll provide the information you need, including data sheets, pricing and samples for qualification.

One thing to keep in mind regarding Industrial solutions: these are typically build-to-order and come with a 2-4 week factory lead time, however we keep limited stock on hand to support samples and smaller orders. In addition, we will work with you to meet your scheduled delivery targets. Just give us a forecast or blanket purchase order and we’ll make sure pricing is stable and material is available to you right when you need it.

I would like to spend some time discussing your current flash requirements and make sure your needs are adequately covered. I can also make recommendations if you have a component which is at or near end-of-life. In addition to Transcend we also have solutions from SanDisk and Delkin Devices which we can review. Please contact me when you have a moment. I look forward to our discussion. Until then, take care.

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