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Fantom-X8 Sampler & Keyboard Memory

Expansion Slots

Expansion of waveforms and patchs for the internal sound generator
SRX expansion boards: 4 slots
Expansion of sampling memory
DIMM: 1 slot (supports 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB (3.3 V))

External Storage Device
PC card: 1 slot (supports SmartMedia, Compact Flash and Secure Digital using a PC card adapter)

Memory Type: Memory DIMM   Max Memory: 512MB   Slots: 1   Modules: 128MB & 256MB & 512MB

Memory Type: Compact Flash card for Fantom-X keyboards   Slots: 1   Modules: 256MB & 512MB & 1GB

Memory Type: Compact Flash PCMCIA Adapter (required)   Max Memory: CF-Adapter-TypeI

Memory Type: Secure Digital card for Fantom-X keyboards   Modules: 512MB 1GB & 2GB

Memory Type: Smart Media card for Fantom-X keyboards   Modules: 128MB

Memory Type: 5in1 PCMCIA Adapter (required)   Max Memory: 5in1-Adapter

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