July is almost over, can you believe it? I hope you are doing well and staying safe. I have an update on our lower capacity SD and micro SD cards. Please use this email as a handy guide for what we currently have in stock, ready to ship to support your project.

Flash chip capacity and performance continue to increase every year, and the major chip makers are consistently finding ways to fit more bits on smaller chips which somehow run faster and consume less power. To get more storage on a chip they sometimes have to change the card format. The smallest mass production flash chip being manufactured today is 16GB.

This means your application which can only address 2GB or less of memory or has to support FAT16 or FAT32 may not work with the latest and greatest cards. We understand many of our customers have devices which require cards 2GB or lower in capacity. You may even need a very specific part number for your bill of materials. Redesign is expensive, perhaps not even feasible. Don’t worry, we have you covered three ways.​


Refurbished Brand Name Cards

If your application requires a specific part number we offer high-quality, triple-screened, fully-tested refurbished cards. These come with a full warranty. We are the US leader in obsolete flash cards. Follow these links to see what we have in stock now.

Refurbished SD Cards:
Full Size, Brand Name Standard SD Cards

Refurbished micro SD Cards:
micro SD Cards 32MB up to 2GB in stock



New House Brand Cards

Our design team works closely with manufacturing, using major brand NAND chips and combining them with the best micro-controllers available to deliver a solid solution at a great price. These value line cards are ideal for consumer applications like still photography. We don’t recommend them for applications which require high duty cycles. If you think these cards could be a good fit we recommend buying a few for testing.

Gigaram SD Cards:
Full Size, Cost-Effective Standard SD Cards

House Brand microSD Cards:
microSD Cards 128MB to 2GB


Some Aces Up Our Sleeves

If refurbished cards are not for you and your commercial application is beyond the capabilities of our value line solutions fear not, we have more options in our arsenal which satisfy the needs for many of our partners in manufacturing.

Custom-Built 2GB solution

We provide an annual forecast to Toshiba and combine their flash chips with a highly compatible Phison micro-controller, built by our American manufacturing partner to deliver a solution made specifically for manufacturing and large scale field deployments.

Custom 2GB SD Card:
Toshiba NAND, Phison IC


Custom 2GB microSD Card:
Commercial Grade Solution


Reprogrammed/Repartitioned SanDisk Industrial Temp solution

The micro-controller on the SanDisk Industrial MLC series cards works in many applications. For a small additional fee we can reprogram these devices in our facility to any capacity 8GB all the way down to 32MB. We can format the cards to FAT16, FAT32 or any other supported configuration. Contact me if you would like to set up a test.

SanDisk Industrial SD Card, reprogrammable

the microSD version, reprogrammable

I hope this information was helpful. It is my goal to provide you with the best possible solution for your application or large scale deployment at a reasonable price. I will also help you to ensure we keep enough stock on hand to cover your demand and help you navigate the eventual changes in availability or help you move to a more modern card when you are ready. I am at your service, here to help you achieve the success you deserve. Contact me any time. I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Until then, be well.

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