Replacements for Industrial SLC Memory Cards

Let’s talk about Industrial Flash Solutions. As a user of Industrial Grade SLC memory cards, you have probably seen your available options gradually shrink or disappear altogether. We first raised this issue in our 2021 message regarding SLC technology. Now most SLC-based products are completely gone from the market, and the few remaining are designated […]

USB Drive for Long Term Archival Storage

To archive data for long periods of time I recommend the SanDisk Extreme Go USB Drive. I chose this model because of: The high transfer speed which will allow for some of the fastest reads and writes currently available in USB Drives.  This will greatly reduce the time spent loading large amounts of data. It is designed for long […]

Recent Lineup Changes to SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Cards

SanDisk Ultra microSD

There are some changes underway to the SanDisk Ultra microSD lineup which could impact you in 2023. I’ll review these changes below so that we can prepare for them together. SanDisk Ultra series microSD cards are the low-cost workhorse in a wide range of applications. Unfortunately, SanDisk Ultra is a consumer retail-oriented series which doesn’t always make it […]

Custom printing on GoRAM USB flash drives

OEMPCWORLD offers custom 4-color printing on our lineup of GoRAM flash drives! This is a great opportunity to promote your company or organization with a customized flash drive. Keep your brand in front of your customers with a unique gift that they will actually use! These flash drives are also great for corporate events and […]

Are you ready for DDR5? OEMPCWorld has you covered!

Are you ready for DDR5?

You’ve heard about DDR5. It’s been talked about for years, and now it is finally, slowly, appearing in new desktops, notebooks and servers. So how does DDR5 improve on its predecessors? Here is a link to our article, “What’s so great about DDR5?” OEMPCWorld has you covered for all your DDR5 requirements.  From DDR5 memory modules to module programming […]

Important notice regarding SD Card design change

Hello, I hope your Summer is going well.  I am contacting you because you purchase our house brand GoRAM SD cards and there has been a design change which could affect you. For the last several years, our lower capacity SD cards have used a controller IC from Chipsbank(Simbond), model 3088. This controller is now […]

New flash memory products from Transcend in stock now

Hello, I hope you are doing great. Here is an update on our product lineup from Transcend. OEMPCWorld is an authorized Transcend reseller and they are one of our premium brands, providing flash, memory and storage solutions. Even if you’re not currently using a Transcend product I recommend giving them a look. Unlike some of the […]

Discount Pricing on Delkin, Kingston and Samsung SSDs

Discount savings on Solid State Drives! OEMPCWORLD is overstocked on popular Delkin, Samsung and Kingston SSDs and now we’re offering them to you at significant discounts. Select any items below. Your discounted price will appear in the checkout page. These special offers are valid until Friday, April 15th or until supply lasts. Delkin Devices DE2HNKCXP-17000-D […]