Component Shortages Impacting Low-Capacity microSD Supply

Hello, I hope your March is heading out like a lamb. Did you see some of my earlier messages talking about the flash card market forecast this year?  Well, it seems all of our prognostication has come to pass, and we’re experiencing some real supply chain constraints due to an industry-wide shortage of controller-ICs. I […]

Availability for CF/SD/microSD Cards and USB Drives

I wanted to let you know the Lunar New Year festival in Asia is over, factories have reopened and production has resumed again. One word of caution, however. There is a widespread shortage of the controller IC components used to build CompactFlash, SD and micro SD cards. USB Flash Drives are also impacted. While we […]

Flash Memory Forecast and USB Flash Drive Offers

Hi there, I hope you are doing well. We’re already approaching mid-February, past all the major holidays, waiting until May for another officially sanctioned day off from work. Bummer, right? With 2021 well underway, we are beginning to see some supply-side trends which will drive pricing in the first half of this year. In addition to USB […]

SanDisk SDSDUNB Series to be discontinued

SanDisk SDSDUNB Cards, change of lineup Hi, I hope you are doing well. If you purchase SanDisk Ultra SD Cards from us, I would like to let you know that there has been a change to the lineup which could impact you. The SanDisk Ultra SDSDUNB series has been available in capacities from 16GB to […]

Dual Connector USB Drives – You can have it both ways

USB drives have been around for ages now and are still a really convenient, highly portable way to move information from one device to another. Until recently most computing systems had a good old, tried and true USB Type-A port on them and moving information to/from devices simply required finding an available USB port and […]

Are High Endurance micro SD Cards right for you?

Salutations, friends, I hope you are doing well today. Here is important information about High Endurance micro SD cards. Have you heard of them? If you are frequently replacing your micro SD cards because they wear out then High Endurance  may be a good solution for you. Writing and erasing are the two actions which are typically hardest […]

Introducing CFexpress Cards

I hope your November is starting well. I’m contacting you to tell you about our newly released flash cards. Have you heard about CFexpress yet? It is one of the latest candidates for biggest bestest in the flash card world. CFexpress traces its ancestry to the CompactFlash card, a long time favorite in high-end cameras […]

Important Notice: SanDisk micro SD Card changes, Q4-2020

The change is afoot in the house of SanDisk. The SanDisk Ultra series micro SD cards are getting an update. While the new specs will be easy for some to adopt, others may need to do some testing before moving over to the new editions so I’m giving you the scoop and I’ll be here to […]

Great New USB Drives Added, November 2020

As you already know USB Drives come in so many varieties. The changes never end and our product team is constantly adding newer, bigger, faster models to meet your ever-changing requirements. Feast your eyes on the latest USB Flash Drive models recently added. Volume quantity discounts are available by clicking on the product links below. […]

Exciting New Flash Cards Added

Our product team has been busy adding new items all year and we have a bunch to tell you about since our last report. Please take some time to browse these new additions by clicking on the product links below. Volume pricing is available on our website, but if you buy more than 500 units […]