Discount Pricing on Delkin, Kingston and Samsung SSDs

Discount savings on Solid State Drives! OEMPCWORLD is overstocked on popular Delkin, Samsung and Kingston SSDs and now we’re offering them to you at significant discounts. Select any items below. Your discounted price will appear in the checkout page. These special offers are valid until Friday, April 15th or until supply lasts. Delkin Devices DE2HNKCXP-17000-D […]

Important January Dates for Chinese New Year Factory Closures

Hello, I hope the Holidays treated you well.  Here is an update with important information regarding the coming Chinese New Year holiday and its impact on goods coming in from Asia. Every year millions of Chinese workers travel from their places of work back to their home towns in what is called the largest annual migration […]

What Happened to SLC NAND Technology?

For many years, SLC (Single-Level Cell) flash technology has been widely used in commercial and industrial applications that require high performance and long-term reliability. However, it is quickly disappearing from the market, primarily due to its high production cost. In fact, over the last two years almost all SLC chips above 4GB are essentially unavailable […]

microSD Card Availability Update

microSD Card Availability Update Hi!  How are you doing?  I’m checking in with some updates regarding the recent supply chain shortages and shipping delays which could impact you. I mentioned in the previous blog how controller IC shortages have caused price hikes and availability issues.  The good news is three of our most popular micro SD […]

SD Card updates, April 2021

SD Card updates, April 2021 Hi, how are you doing? I am contacting you to keep you in-the-know about what’s happening with flash memory cards this year.  Here are some important updates which could impact you. Component Shortages Causing Prices to Rise, Lead Times to Increase While chip supply is still good, other components like controller […]

Component Shortages Impacting Low-Capacity microSD Supply

Hello, I hope your March is heading out like a lamb. Did you see some of my earlier messages talking about the flash card market forecast this year?  Well, it seems all of our prognostication has come to pass, and we’re experiencing some real supply chain constraints due to an industry-wide shortage of controller-ICs. I […]

Availability for CF/SD/microSD Cards and USB Drives

I wanted to let you know the Lunar New Year festival in Asia is over, factories have reopened and production has resumed again. One word of caution, however. There is a widespread shortage of the controller IC components used to build CompactFlash, SD and micro SD cards. USB Flash Drives are also impacted. While we […]

Flash Memory Forecast and USB Flash Drive Offers

Hi there, I hope you are doing well. We’re already approaching mid-February, past all the major holidays, waiting until May for another officially sanctioned day off from work. Bummer, right? With 2021 well underway, we are beginning to see some supply-side trends which will drive pricing in the first half of this year. In addition to USB […]

SanDisk SDSDUNB Series to be discontinued

SanDisk SDSDUNB Cards, change of lineup Hi, I hope you are doing well. If you purchase SanDisk Ultra SD Cards from us, I would like to let you know that there has been a change to the lineup which could impact you. The SanDisk Ultra SDSDUNB series has been available in capacities from 16GB to […]