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Compatibility, Price and Quality

Our goal is to provide you with Top quality memory that will perform optimally in your system for the lowest possible price. However, you might find what LOOKS to be the exact same memory from a competitor for a lower price.
Keyword: LOOKS!
Why are there price differences among memory modules that seem to have the exact same specifications?The reason is memory density migration relation to compatibility with different computers. When computer manufacturers design and build new computers, they attempt to build in support for all DRAM chip densities that are available at the time. When PC100’s were released, only 16MB chips and 64MB chips DRAM densities were available, but at that time, 128MB chips were already in the design phase, so the computer manufacturers built in support for this higher memory density. Today, manufacturers are capable of producing chips with densities of 256MB, 512MB, 1Gb and 2GB chips. As manufacturers get more density, or storage, per chip and migrate to newer processes, the production cost per megabit decreases.

The memory market is dictated by supply and demand. As demand increases for a higher density chip, the demand for older, lower density chips usually declines. Manufacturers typically shift their production accordingly. If the supply of the lower density chips decreases faster than demand, the market price per bit on these chips will remain high in comparison to the newer, higher density chips. That is why for example we can see higher pricing for 128MB SDRAM chips relative to 256MB SDRAM chips.

The fact is that the older systems cannot support the newer, higher density, lower cost chips. The computer’s chipset can only support the memory technology it was designed with, and the majority of systems out there only support lower density modules. Most users, especially when they are unaware about the importance of chip density and compatibility, will choose the lowest priced memory with specifications that LOOKS to be identical. But there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to install your new memory only to find that it doesn’t work with your system.

How to be sure that you are getting right memory for your system?
Simply use OEMPCWorld Memory Configurator , we guarantee that the memory you purchase is 100% compatible with your system or we’ll give you your money back. We’ve done the work for you. The OEMPCWorld will only show you parts that we guarantee will work. Get anything more or less, or more or less expensive and compatibility with your system is at risk.

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