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Installation Instructions For 168 pin DIMM

These instructions provide general installation and handling information for 168-pin DIMMs. These instructions are intended to be used in conjunction with your model-specific owner’s manual.


  1. Place the computer?s power switch in the “off ” position and disconnect the AC power cord.
  2. Remove the computer?s top cover following the instructions in the model-specific owner?s manual.
  3. Before touching any electronic components, make sure you first touch an unpainted, grounded metal object to discharge any static electricity stored on your clothing or body.
  4. Locate the memory expansion sockets on the computer?s motherboard. If all the sockets are full, remove smaller capacity modules to allow room for higher capacity modules.
  5. Handle your new module(s) carefully; do not flex or bend the module(s). Always grasp the module by its edges.
  6. For some installations, DIMM memory can be installed in any available expansion slot. Other installations may require the memory to be installed in a particular sequence based on the modules capacity. Check your owner?s manual to determine the correct installation sequence for your configuration.
    • Insert the module into an available expansion socket. Note how the module is keyed to the socket. This ensures the module can be plugged into the socket one way only. Firmly press the module into position, making certain the module is completely seated in the socket. Repeat this procedure for any additional modules you are installing.
    • Most 168-pin DIMM modules have ejector tabs. The ejector tabs are used only when you need to remove a module. By pressing down on the ejector tabs, the module will pop-up from the socket and it can be removed.
  7. Once the module(s) have been installed, the computer?s top cover can be reinstalled.
  8. Plug in the AC power cord and reinstall any cables disconnected during the installation process.
  9. Turn on the computer and follow the instructions in your computer owner?s manual that describe the steps necessary to allow your computer to recognize the newly installed memory.

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