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Memory Debugging

Here are some basic steps to take when trying to debug your memory problems.   Please review our Tech Tips for solutions to 70% of most recent returns.

  1. First use our memory configurator ( to ensure you ordered and received the correct memory type for your computer. If you have the wrong module you may exchange it for the correct module at full return value, skip to item 6 below. See this link Images and Description Page to correctly identify the ram you have and the ram you need.
  2. In some instances the contacts on the modules have a protective coating on them that prohibits them from making good contact with the socket on the motherboard.
    May we suggest that you try cleaning the contacts with an alcohol based solvent (rubbing alcohol OK). You can’t cause any damage and it will remove any of the protective coating that may be causing the problem.
  3. Blow away any debris that will have collected in the empty sockets, if they are really dirty use a q-tip with alcohol, making good contact is the number one problem causing memory errors. Reseat the memory in different slots.
  4. If you have a MAC use visit our Mac Support section and download the DIMMcheck software (see Apple Firmware Update ) to see if it reports bad or incompatible memory.
  5. Try installing the new module in a known good socket, try it by itself and then with any other DIMMs or SIMMs you may have (SIMMs are usually installed in pairs in PC’s).  Always try to isolate a problem module by process of elimination. For Rambus systems all sockets must be filled to ensure reliable operation (use CRIMMs for open slots) you MUST ensure you have the latest Firmware BIOS update for all Rambus based Pentium III and early Pentium 4 systems.
  6. If you have Windows 95, 98, SE or ME and the memory seems to be working but Windows does not see it please verify the following.
    In windows select the start menu, select run, type MSCONFIG, hit ok, select the advanced tab at the lower right corner. Now find the option that states “Limit memory to” and uncheck it. Reboot and the system will reflect the proper amount of memory
  7. Ensure you have the latest BIOS installed in your computer. Visit your system manufacturer to obtain details. BIOS upgrades consist of downloading a small file and installing it on your computer using the instructions provided by your system manufacturer.

Over 80% of all returns are modules that are working but somehow were not compatible with your board or some other factor caused this particular module not to operate correctly. In those cases we normally reserve other name branded modules that we will send you as replacement at no extra cost in most cases. Simply request replacement with other brand.

To receive a return authorization number we ask that you complete our online RMA Form.

If you need quick replacement order a new DIMM and send the RMA ram back for refund.

We would ask that you please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Memory Guides found at our web site to get a better understanding of the problem you may be experiencing. What may appear to be defective often turns out to be an incompatibility issue in almost 80% of all returns.

An email notice with return details and an authorization number will be sent to you. Please indicate this number on the outside of your package.

For upgrades simply use the current price at the web site to calculate funds required and add $4.50 for upgrade shipping ($10 for International Orders). There are no shipping costs for returning defective RAM. Return shipping charges are not refundable.

RMA Requests

Please complete our online RMA Request Form.

  1. Go to your order history list – HERE (you will have to log in into your account or to lookup by email and zip code).
  2. Locate your order and click RMA button
  3. Fill out and submit RMA request form and you will receive email confirmation with RMA Number included.

Once authorization has been obtained, please return item shipping prepaid to
Attn: RMA Service
2800 Bowers Ave
Santa Clara CA 95051

You will receive a credit for any price differences for exchanges, please include a check or Credit card number for any upside costs. We do not store credit card numbers for security reasons.

Returns will be processed within 7 days of receipt.

We appreciate your patience while we try to help resolve any and all of your memory problems.

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