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Buying the Right Mac Memory for your Apple Computer

Apple Computers are fairly standardized.  This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for those who wish to upgrade their Mac memory.  To their advantage, they don’t run into the quirks that PCs can because of the multitude of different types and manufacturers of RAM, processors, and peripheral components.  But this is also a disadvantage, because each model of Apple computer requires specific memory, and is unlikely to work if you try to install a different type of memory in its place.  All too frequently this sees Mac users buying the wrong RAM and ending up stuck trying to take it back.

We encourage you to utilize’s automatic system checker to ensure you know what the correct type of Mac memory is for your exact system. We have a 100% guarantee that our memory will work, and we’ll replace it if it doesn’t, without any fuss.

If your Mac isn’t online and you can’t simply surf to’s system checker, use the following steps to determine the appropriate memory for your system:

    1. Open the Apple menu, and choose About This Mac.
    2. Select More Info and the System Profile screen opens, showing the Hardware Overview.This provides you with information you need such as as your Mac model, and total memory capacity and CPU type and speed.
    3. In the Contents section on the left, click Memory, this will show your current memory setup.
      This information will tell you which slots are filled and what type of memory you have. It will also tell you how many slots are still available.

The most important thing when looking for Mac memory is to know either the model of your Macintosh computer or to have one of the current sticks of memory from the computer handy so that you know the part-number of the RAM to look for.  Either way, knowing the type of RAM you need is only the first part of upgrading your computer.  It’s also important to know how much RAM your Apple computer can register, and whether your RAM needs to be installed in pairs, or if you can purchase one stick of memory at a time.  For example, some of the PowerMac G5 series requires memory to be installed in pairs, from the innermost RAM memory slots outward.  Or in the case of G4 500MHz Macintosh computers, only 1.5GB of memory can be installed, but four slots are available.  Without checking the maximum memory the computer can use, you might try installing a fourth 512MB module and find that the memory does not register.

So what’s the right amount of Mac memory?  It depends on which Operating System and what programs you want to run of course.  However, even OS X ‘Tiger’ only requires 256MB to run, so 512MB or 1GB of memory if your budget can afford it will be more then enough for basic users.  If you use your Mac for graphical design or rendering, you probably want as much RAM as your computer will take to help speed up the lengthy rendering process, or to allow you to load and work on several large images at once.

Luckily, Apple makes it simple to upgrade your system’s memory.  If you go to Apple’s website and click the Support tab in the upper-right, you’ll find a link to ‘Request Repair or Parts (DIY).  Clicking this link brings you to a new screen, where you find a drop-down list on the right for installing DIY (Do it Yourself) parts for many different types of Apple desktop and laptop computers.  Clicking on the model of your computer brings you to a final page where they offer guides for installing various types of components, including the new RAM you purchased for your computer.  This guide gives step by step instructions for opening your computer, installing the RAM and closing the computer up again properly.

So how do you know what type of Mac memory to get and what amount of memory to install? Take a look at our list here, or by entering the model of your Macintosh in our system checker at the top of this page. This will tell you what possible memory upgrades are available for your system, as well as the number of memory slots available for upgrades, and how much RAM in total you can add to your system.

You can find the same memory upgrades at Apple’s Store, but Apple charges a good deal more for the same type of memory.  For example, a 2GB memory upgrade for a PowerMac G5 costs $400 at the Apple Store, but costs $170 here at  We offer the same assurance that Apple does that the memory will work in your system. Our memory here at is manufactured by names such as Samsung, Infineon, and Hynix among others – all companies who have established excellent names in the computer industry due to the quality of the memory they manufacture.

A one gigabyte memory module for an Apple PowerBook G4 costs $300 at Apple Store, but only costs $105 at OEMPCWorld. The only major difference is that it is not being sold under the Apple name and logo.  Even for the newer MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo 2, a gigabyte module costs $175 at the Apple Store, but only $65 here.

If you Mac seems slow, or it has issues with slowing down when too many programs are open, it makes sense to pick up more memory.    However, it doesn’t make sense to spend two or three times as much on the same Mac memory when it can be purchased at a lower price and still work perfectly in your system.

If you have any questions, take a look at our site and see what types of memory we sell.  By entering the model number of your RAM, you can find the same type of memory as you would at the Apple Store, but at a lower price.  And remember that if you don’t know what type of RAM you’re looking for, you can enter the model name or number of your system in the model field of our system checker and find out what type and how much RAM you can add to your system.

In addition to the models of Macintosh computers mentioned in this article, we also sell memory for many other types of Macintosh computers, including many models such as the G3 series of computers and laptops that Apple no longer sells memory for through their own web store.

So come take a look at the Mac memory we carry, you’re sure to find something that will work with your system and provide a solid upgrade for your system’s memory needs.

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