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Is Cheap RAM still high Quality?

When looking for memory for your computer, there are several factors to deciding the right RAM, but two things tend to stand out – price and quality. While it might seem that to get great quality you also have to pay a great deal of money, but it is possible to find cheap RAM without compromising on quality.

Quality doesn’t mean that the RAM itself is brand name, from Crucial or Kingston or OCZ or Corsair, but that the memory chips used in the RAM comes from a high-quality manufacturer, such as Infineon, Micron, Elpida, and Samsung among others. By finding cheap RAM that has been made by high quality manufacturers such as these, you can avoid paying a price premium for retail packaging and brand names.

These manufacturers are the same ones used by OEMs- Original Equipment Manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, Compaq, and more for their memory needs. By buying RAM in large quantities and not having to pay for retail packaging or branding, this memory is available at a cheaper price than ram you’ll find at your local computer shop or box store. offers high quality OEM ram at discount prices.

Our RAM covers all types of memory, from DDR and DDR2 memory for desktops to laptop RAM for new and older laptops alike. We also carry the specific models of RAM needed for Apple computers, including the G3 series that Apple itself no longer sells memory upgrades for on their website. This RAM is checked to make sure it will work correctly with your Apple computer’s model. We offer a lifetime warranty on our RAM, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

If you’re curious or don’t know what sort of RAM your computer uses, take a look at the memory selection utility below. Click ‘Check Your System’ if you’re browsing our site from the computer you plan to upgrade, and our tool will check your system and report back what RAM you currently have installed, the maximum amount of RAM your system can take, and possible upgrades for your system.

If you know the model of your computer, enter it in the model field and you can find the same information about your system, including exact information about what amount of RAM you currently have installed. Otherwise, if you built your computer yourself or are just curious, take a look at the RAM listings on the left. We have plenty of different types of RAM to choose from, as well as flash memory for PDAs, cellphones, cameras and other devices.

If you’re not convinced cheap ram can be just as good as brand-name ram, read about OEM products (

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