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Crucial Memory OEM equivalents

Crucial Technology is the consumer brand for Micron Technology, a major RAM producer for the PC industry, including the OEM industry. Crucial memory comes in two different types – their regular memory line under the Crucial brand and the Ballistix line for gamers. Many consumers are unaware of the fact that less expensive, OEM alternatives exist for your system, even if it currently utilizes brand-name RAM.

The Ballistix line carries a high cost due to the high-quality RAM used in the memory that allows for higher RAM speeds through overclocking, as well as lower internal latencies. However, when run at stock PC speeds, these modules provide very little performance benefit for their high price. The Ballistix line also includes extras such as LEDs to the RAM which are simply not necessary for the operation of the computer, and are only useful if the computer they’re used in has a side window to allow display of the RAM and other components.

Crucial’s regular memory is marketed under the Crucial brand name. It uses the same Micron chips used in some of the OEM memory we offer, and is offered with a lifetime guarantee from Crucial. Like Crucial, we also offer a lifetime warranty on the RAM we carry. The only difference between OEM memory and Crucial’s memory is the brand name on the memory, and the price. Our memory tends to be less expensive because it is meant for OEM system builders, and lacks the brand names and retail packaging that makes consumer RAM such as that from Crucial more expensive.

If you believe your system requires Crucial memory, please utilize our memory selection tool to determine if any of our discount memory options will work for you. You can enter the make and model of your computer to find out what sort of memory can be used in it, as well as the maximum memory and slots available for upgrade. Have our tool scan your system and report on your currently installed RAM, and suggest possible RAM upgrades for your system. It’s a good idea to use a memory selection utility to confirm the type of RAM you are looking to buy is the right one for your system, especially if you do not have your system’s manual handy.

Simply click on the ‘Check Your System’ button if you’re browsing from the computer you plan to upgrade. Our tool will check your system tell you everything you need to know for the most cost effective memory upgrade available. will buy back your old crucial memory (or any other brand) and ship your new RAM at no cost.

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