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Last updated on August 25th, 2015 at 08:33 pm

Like in desktop computers, laptop RAM comes in many different formats and amounts of memory.  The most common types of laptop ram come in 100-pin, 144-pin and 200-pin capacities. To determine the correct type of memory for your laptop, please use the system checker located at the top of this page – it will provide you with accurate information about your specific computer, so you’ll know exactly which type of memory is compatible with your system.

100-pin is physically the smallest version of the common types of portable computer memory. It sends 32-bit data compared to the 64-bit data transfer of the 144-pin and 200-pin RAM types.  This means that 100-pin laptop ram must be installed in pairs or where the memory bus also runs at 32-bit.  It can also be used in certain types of printers to increase the printer’s memory to hold larger documents or more documents.  Currently carries 16MB EDO (Extended Data Out, an older RAM format), or 32MB64MB or 128MB 125MHz SDRAM modules.

The next type of laptop memory is the 144-pin type.  This type is the same physical size as the 200-pin RAM, but is distinguished by having a notch just off-center that helps the ram to be oriented correctly when installed.  This format of laptop ram is one of the most widely used, and comes in many different speeds.  Among these are the older EDO and FPM (Fast Page Mode) types, as well as 66MHz100MHz and 133MHz versions of SDRAM.  Unlike the 100-pin, 133-pin RAM can be installed individually, rather then in pairs.

One of the most modern types of laptop RAM is the 200-pin module. This type comes in two different formats – DDR and DDR2, and in a great range of speeds.  Like 144-pin ram, these modules have a notch to indicate the correct orientation for installation.  DDR memory has a notch at the base near one side of the ram, while DDR2 also has a notch, but located closer to the center then DDR.  The two types of RAM are not interchangeable in a laptop. Because of this you should be certain to use our system checker or to speak with one of our representatives when choosing the correct type for your laptop upgrade.  DDR RAM comes in PC2100 (266MHz), PC2700 (333MHz) and PC3200 (400MHz) formats, with sizes ranging from 128MB to 1GB of memory.  DDR2 RAM comes in PC3200PC4200 (533MHz) and PC5300 (667MHz) speeds, and their size ranges from 256MB to 2GB of memory per stick.

So if you’re laptop is slow and needs more memory, whether for that new game or for a new business application, take a look at our website, we’re sure to have RAM that will work with your laptop, guaranteed for life.

If you’re unsure what type of RAM your laptop uses, please use the system checker located at the top of this page. You can either run the online system checker and it will determine the type of RAM used in the system you are browsing our website with, or you can enter the model number or manufacturer’s OEM part number to determine the correct type of memory to purchase for the system.

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