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Kingston Memory: OEM Equivalents

Many consumers run brand-name memory products such as Kingston memory in their machines, but falsely believe that this memory is incompatible with discount OEM alternatives. The truth is your system can run many different brands of RAM alongside your Kingston memory. When it comes time to upgrade, this little piece of information could save you big money.

Check your own computer right now with the system testing software located at the top of this screen. It can tell you everything you need to know about your motherboard and the RAM you’re currently running, along with detailed information about what is 100% compatible with your system. If there are less expensive alternatives, our system checker will present them to you.

Brand name RAM such as Kingston memory:

Kingston produces a large number of memory storage products, from memory for desktop computers to Compact Flash, Secure Digital and USB flash drives for files. The company has several types of RAM available for computers, including the HyperX and ValueRAM lines.

HyperX is Kingston’s premier line of memory. It’s primarily designed to cater to high-end gamers and overclockers, where the low internal latencies provide a small boost over other types of RAM, and the RAM can handle being overclocked better then regular memory. For the average consumer who isn’t interested in overclocking, or in paying a premium to squeeze an extra bit of performance out of their system, HyperX memory is something that you can avoid buying.

The next type of Kingston memory is the ValueRAM line. This line is meant for smaller OEMs and for people who are looking to build their own system. Unlike the HyperX series, ValueRAM is not meant for overclocking, and thus comes at a lower price. It is still more expensive them OEM memory, due to Kingston’s brand name and the retail packaging it comes in. In contrast, OEM memory is less expensive then Kingston memory due to being purchased in larger amounts and without the retail packaging that adds to the cost of retail memory such.

Kingston’s biggest selling point is that Kingston memory comes with a lifetime warranty. However, this is not unique, and OEM RAM, like ours, also comes with a lifetime warranty. We also match Kingston on quality – the RAM we sell is produced by Infineon, Hynix, Samsung and Elpida among others. These are companies who have built a great reputation in the computer industry due to the quality of the memory they produce. Kingston also guarantees that the memory it sells specifically for your computer model is 100% compatible, but that claim is also made by many others, including

If you think your system requires Kingston memory, try our system checker to see if there are any OEM alternatives that will save you money. Simply click on the ‘Check Your Computer’ button below to have our utility check your computer. It will report back what RAM you have installed now, as well as how many sockets your system has open, what the maximum amount of RAM your system can take, and even suggest a few possible memory upgrades.

Otherwise, just take a look around at our website and see what sort of memory we carry. In addition to computer memory, we also have all types of flash memory, including Compact Flash and Secure Digital by Kingston and other makers.

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