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Finding Alternatives to Kingston RAM

Kingston Technology Company is the largest independent memory manufacturer in the world, and there are currently three lines of Kingston RAM – system specific memory, Kingston ValueRAM and their HyperX memory series. System specific memory is memory that Kingston has tested and confirmed that it works with systems from Dell, HP, eMachines and others. The ValueRAM series is meant for small system builder companies or people who build their own systems but are not looking for the performance of the HyperX series, which is meant for gamers and gaming computers, as it offers lower internal latencies and greater ability to be overclocked then most RAM.

The most expensive offering of Kingston Ram is their HyperX memory series. Meant for gamers or those looking to overclock their system, HyperX memory carries a premium price but only provides a tiny performance boost at normal clock speeds. Therefore, for those who are not looking to overclock or are not willing to pay for every bit of performance they can for gaming, HyperX memory is not the best option to look at due to its price premium.

ValueRAM is a Kingston RAM offering for smaller system builders or those who are looking to build their own computer. The memory offered here is fairly standard and comes with a lifetime warranty, but is not specifically guaranteed to work with all systems. Despite this, Kingston’s ValueRAM line is reliable but does carry a small price premium over regular memory due to its brand name. Finally, Kingston also has a memory selection tool on their website to determine the best memory for systems from manufacturers, and guarantees that their memory will work properly with those specific systems.

Kingston RAM, with the exception of the HyperX series, is not unique compared to the majority of the OEM memory on the market. Their memory is of the same quality as any other OEM memory, including the brands we carry. What you pay a small premium for is Kingston’s lifetime warranty guarantee and the retail packaging. However, this guarantee is also available from us for our OEM memory, without the extra price that Kingston asks for their RAM.

If you’re not sure, take a look around our website to see what memory we offer and the prices we offer it at. To find out what kind of memory your system can use, look at the system tool below. If you’re surfing the web from the system you’re thinking of upgrading with Kingston RAM, click the ‘Check Your Memory’ button to find out what memory is in your system and what the possible upgrades for your system might be. If you know the model of your computer, you can also enter that model number in the model field and find the same information, including what speed memory your system uses, how much it can take and how many ram sockets are available for upgrades. We also offer flash memory for PDAs, cell phones, cameras and more.

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