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Laptop Memory Upgrades

While your laptop is asked to perform the same tasks as your desktop computer, it isn’t always as powerful, nor as quick, simple, or inexpensive to upgrade. If your portable computer isn’t running as fast as it could, one of the simplest and cheapest ways to boost performance is to upgrade to more laptop memory.

To determine the correct type of RAM for your laptop, use our system checker located at the top of this page.

Most desktop computers offer four sockets for memory, and allow you to easily upgrade to as much as 4GB. However, laptop computers only usually have two memory sockets, and sometimes only one of those is available to the customer to add memory to without taking apart the entire laptop.

How much RAM does your laptop need?  Much like desktop computers, the answer to this question depends more on the way you use your laptop. A laptop that is only used for business or schoolwork applications can see a noticeable benefit from upgrading to 1 gigabyte of laptop memory, from just 512k.  If you plan to game on your laptop, or run graphically intensive applications like Photoshop, more memory will almost certainly help you run your programs more efficiently, and experience less slowdown.

Fortunately, as RAM prices have dropped for traditional desktop machines over the past couple of years, so too have prices fallen for laptop memory. offers 512MB of DDR400 laptop memory for a cost of only approx $50, and one gigabyte of DDR400 laptop memory for a cost of only approx $105.  For newer laptops, memory is even less expensive – often less then $40 for 512MB of DDR2-533 memory, and less then $80 for a gigabyte of DDR2-533 memory.

Finally, it isn’t hard to upgrade your laptop with more RAM.  While you will want to consult your manual to determine the exact process for your laptop, most machines provide access to at least one if not both of the memory sockets under a panel in the back.  By simply unscrewing this panel, users can add more laptop memory to their notebook computer quickly and simply. Be sure to check your warranty information card to see if this action may impact your service agreement.

What types of laptop memory are available?  We carry almost every type of memory for portable computers in existence, from 100-pin and 144-pin SDRAM for older laptops, ranging in size from 32MB to 512MB, to newer 200 pin DDR and DDR2 memory, from 256MB to 2GB per module.

What’s the difference between DDR and DDR2 laptop RAM?  Despite both being 200-pin memory, they are physically incompatible, and won’t work in each other’s sockets.  DDR memory has a notch near one side of the RAM at the base, where the pins are.  This ‘keys’ the RAM and makes sure that it can only be installed the correct way, preventing the RAM from being accidentally installed backwards.  DDR2 also has a notch, but its is located nearer to the center of the RAM.  These two different keys prevent DDR2 memory from being used with a DDR controller, where they would not communicate correctly, and vice versa.

Other then the physical differences, DDR2 memory runs at a higher clock rate then DDR, and thus can send more information per clock cycle.  The clock cycle is a synchronizing cycle used by computers to keep data being sent and received at the same time, so that the data flows smoothly rather then bottlenecking at odd points.  This prevents data being sent in bursts and then having to wait for the processor or RAM to process it. It also means request that data be resent that might have been lost while other data was being processed do not occur.

Despite running at a higher clock rate then DDR memory, DDR2 memory is slower internally as it requires more organization to match the higher external clock-rate.  This means that while DDR2-533 might seem like it’s much faster then DDR400, the difference isn’t so great that you should throw out your old laptop and rush out to buy a brand new one.  With more memory, your laptop with DDR400 can outperform a laptop that has DDR2 memory.

Since you’ll often be moving around with your laptop, you don’t want to have to worry about the quality and reliability of your RAM.  At each piece of RAM is 100% tested to ensure its reliability. Our RAM comes from some of the best names in the industry – Samsung, Micron, and Hynix, as well as Infineon, Nanya and Elpida.  These manufacturers have established their names based on the quality of the RAM they produce.  We’re confident that our RAM won’t fail you, and offer a lifetime warranty on it to ensurethat you’ll never find yourself without options.

If you’re interested in adding more memory to your laptop, take a look at the RAM locator at the top of this page.  If you’re surfing our website from your laptop right now, click on the ‘Check Your System’ button, and our utility will be able to tell you what model notebook you have and what type of RAM would be the best upgrade for it.  Otherwise, enter the notebook computer’s model in the Model Number field on the right, and you will be taken to the correct page for your type of notebook, which will give the correct upgrade options for you.  If you just want to look around, feel free! We have many types of desktop and laptop memory, as well as memory for your camera, cell phone, PDA and more.  We’re sure you’ll find something to stir your interest while you’re looking at our RAM offerings, and remember, we buy back your old RAM, saving you even more money!

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