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Memory Stick Pro and Pro Duo: More Storage for your PSP

In addition to being useful in cameras and cellphones, Sony’s Memory Stick Pro and Pro Duo  are also used in Sony’s PlayStation Portable console. Because they are the primary means of storage for the console, you can never have too much space. If it isn’t game saves taking up the space, it might be music and videos, or movies. With all the media available for the PSP, it’s no wonder that space might be a little hard to come by.

That’s where we come in. Our Memory Stick Pro and Pro Duo cards are an inexpensive way to carry more game saves, more music, and more movies with you wherever you go. Even using a great deal of compression, a movie might take up nearly 256MB – leaving you almost no space for anything else. But for less then $45, you can pick up a 1GB stick  and carry two or three movies with you, and still have room for music, game saves and more.

Interested in playing music on your PSP? Even a simple 256MB Memory Stick Pro Duo  card will allow you to carry four hours of music with you, even more with a larger memory unit. The same size storage device lets you carry whole albums of photos with you to share with friends or enjoy looking at yourself.

Want to split up your data depending on what you do with it? 256MB Memory Stick Pro cards only cost $20. This is cheap enough that you can slowly add to your collection if you’re on a budget, or buy a few and organize your data on specific cards.

You can also use it to transfer data between your PSP and your Playstation 3 Premium or your computer. With a card reader on the other side, you can transfer data to and from your PSP, allowing you to put new music and movies on your PSP, or to backup game saves to the computer to keep them safe while you travel.

So why else should you get your Memory Stick Pro media from us? Well, in addition to the low prices we offer on our media, we also offer a lifetime warranty on our products. This can be very useful for media you plan to use on the go, which suffers from being bounced and jostled around, and suffers more wear and tear then something that stays tucked away inside a house.

So if you’re interested in picking up some more memory stick media for your PSP, take a look at the flash section to find our Memory Stick Pro and Pro Duo memory. We’re sure you’ll find something that will work perfectly for your needs. And if you’re interested in other memory, for your computer or cell phone, take a look around our website, we have plenty of different types of RAM to fit your needs.

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