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Last updated on August 26th, 2015 at 04:40 pm

If your computer has been slowing down and programs are taking a long time to load, it might be time for a RAM upgrade. This is particularly true if you’re looking at the new software that has just been released or will be released this year and want to use it. With programs like Windows Vista and games like Battlefield 2142 recommending at least a gigabyte of memory if not more to run with their higher end features enabled, it is becoming increasingly important to upgrade your RAM if you want to take be able to use these programs as they were intended to be used.

How much RAM upgrade is enough? Well, if you’re planning to use Windows Vista, but aren’t playing games too much, 1GB of memory is still enough, though you can benefit from having 1.5GB or 2GB if you multitask a lot or use intensive programs such as Photoshop, Maya or 3D Studio Max. If you are a gamer, you’re probably looking at wanting at least 2GB of memory or more as games require more and more memory to run without skipping or slowdowns.

So how difficult is it to install RAM upgrade for your computer? Not difficult at all. All PCs and laptops have at least two RAM sockets for upgrades, and most PCs will have four RAM sockets. This means that usually at least one of the sockets will be open and available for upgrades, so you can take advantage of the RAM already installed in your computer and add more. Even in laptops or desktops that already have their RAM slots filled, you most likely would not lose too much memory by replacing one of the RAM modules with a larger one.

Finding the right RAM upgrade is easy as well. If you have the manual to your computer, it will normally say what type and speeds of memory your computer is meant to use. However, you can also use the system checker here at our website to find out this information without digging out the manual for your computer. If you’re surfing the website from the computer you want to upgrade, click the ‘Check Your Computer’ button and after our tool takes a look at your computer, it will report back the model of your computer, the number of slots it has open, and what the best RAM upgrades are for your system.

If you’re planning to upgrade another computer, entering its model into the model field and click ‘Go’, and it will bring you to the same spot, where you can find the number of slots the computer has, what type of memory it normally has installed by default, and the best upgrades for that model of computer.

And finally, if you’re just looking around for RAM, take a look around our website, we have RAM upgrade for all makes and models of computers and laptops, from  SDRAM to DDR and DDR2 and Rambus RAM upgrades as well.

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