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SD Memory Cards For Every Need

SD memory cards are extremely versatile in where they can be used. Depending on the format, SD cards are usable in cell phones and PDAs, in cameras and computers. It’s even possible to plug them into game consoles such as the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. Because of all the places in which they are used, they are great for transferring data around.

For example, you can take a set of pictures with your camera, take the SD memory card out and put it into your game console to look at the pictures on TV. Or you can take it to your computer and, with a card reader, plug it in and save the pictures to your computer’s hard drive. You can also use your computer to download a java game for your cell phone and place it on your cell phone without being charged service fees for downloading data to your cell phone.

You can also use the same cards in multiple places. The smaller microSD and miniSD cards come with adapters that allow them to be used in regular Secure Digital devices. This would allow you to use the same SD memory card in your camera, and then take it out and put it in your PDA to save some documents before putting it in your computer’s card reader to save your documents and pictures before clearing the card for other uses.

The cards come in storage sizes that make all of this possible. MiniSD and microSD come in  1GB or 2GB sizes for less then $40, and if you just need a regular-sized SD card for cameras or PDAs, there are even 4GB cards for less then $60.

SD memory cards are convenient and portable – the largest SD card is 24mm by 32mm by 2.1mm thick – or roughly an inch square. This allows you to worry less about the space your data storage is taking up, and you can easily take more then one card with you in case your first becomes filled up.

Flash media is also durable – unlike camera film or notebook hard drives, SD memory cards can survive being shaken around, exposed to sun and heat, and can even survive getting wet, as long as it’s entirely dry before being put inside a device again!

So if you’ve been looking for SD cards, whether for your cell phone, PDA or camera, take a look at what we have to offer. In addition to the various types of SD memory cards mentioned here, we also offer HDSD cards if your device is one of the newer ones that takes advantage of this new standard. You should be warned that your HDSD cards will not work with non-HDSD devices, however.


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