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Last updated on August 26th, 2015 at 05:23 pm

Secure Digital Cards come in four different types – the miniSD and microSD formats, which are used mostly in cell phones due to their tiny space requirements, and the SD and the new HDSD standards, for PDAs and cameras.

MicroSD cards are the smallest type – 11mm by 15mm, and only 1mm thick. This is great help in the smallest cell phones on the market, where space is at an absolute premium. Despite their tiny size, they can hold up to 2GB of data, with a 1GB microSD card costing only $15.

MiniSD cards are about twice as large – 20mm by 21.5mm, and 1.4mm thick. They offer more affordable storage then the microSD secure digital cards do to compensate for their larger size. A 2GB miniSD card costs only $20, compared to $47 for the same amount of storage in a microSD card.

Both types also come with adapters that allow them to fit into the standard slot, allowing you transfer media from a cell phone to a PC through the appropriate card reader, or to use the same card in any device.

Secure Digital cards are the largest of the Secure Digital media, measuring 24mm by 32mm by 2.1mm… or about an inch in each direction. They are the first and most common of the format, with card sizes ranging from 64MB to 4GB of storage space. At the same time, prices are inexpensive – a 2GB hi-speed card costs only $19, or $56 if you want 4GB of storage, the most currently on the market for Secure Digital.

SDHD (Secure Digital High Density) cards are the same size and shape as regular Secure Digital cards, but are much different from their predecessor. The difference between the two formats is one of density and access speed – regular Secure Digital Cards come in formats ranging up to 4GB in density, while SDHD starts at 2GB and upward. SDHD is also meant to transfer data at a faster speed – up to 6MB/s as a minimum speed for a Class 6 SDHD card. Unfortunately, the two formats are not compatible, and SDHD cards may be used only with appropriately marked SDHD devices. Since this is a new standard, these devices are not yet widely available, but will become more available as time passes and new devices enter the market that need the higher storage amounts that SDHD offers over the other types of Secure Digital.

So which type of Secure Digital card is right for you? Well, as I said, if you’re looking for more memory for your phone, then you’ll want miniSD or microSD, while your PDA or camera will use Secure Digital or SDHD cards. But to be entirely certain, enter the model of your device below and find out what type of memory is right for you. If you already know what you want, take a look around our site and see what type and sizes of memory we offer – you won’t be disappointed.

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