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What is OEM Memory?

Why Buy OEM Memory?   What is OEM Memory?
We carry non-proprietary first quality OEM memory modules. Most OEM modules we carry use DRAM chips from well known Top 10 major manufacturers; mainly Infineon (OEM Aeneon brand), Micron, Elpida OEM, Samsung and Nanya (OEM Elixir brand)

Here are the Top 10 DRAM suppliers in the world, end of Q2 2005

1) Samsung
2) Hynix
3) Micron
4) Infineon
5) Elpida
6) Nanya
7) Powerchip
8} ProMos
9) Winbond
10) ISSI

We have so much confidence in the quality of our memory modules that we offer them with life-time warranty!

OEM products are the best-kept secret in the PC industry. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturers. Almost all PC component and software vendor’s make two versions of the same products based on a difference in the distribution channels. One is the retail boxed products sold mainly through retailers. Guess who is paying for the nice-looking packages which cost venders extra material and labor to produce (and everybody else more pollution)?

The second one is the OEM products which are sold mainly to system builders, such as Compaq and Dell. These so called bulk-pack products do not have fancy packaging materials and are often produced in much higher volume, both of which result in much lower prices that have not been available to the public. The OEM products are of the same quality and often carry the same manufacturer warranty as their retail counterparts.

Whenever possible, distributes and sells the OEM version for products, letting end-users and customers share the low cost. Finally, OEM quality and prices for the “small guys!”

The products sold on web site are brand-new and marked as either OEM or retail box. Manufacturer-refurbished products with manufacturer warranty will occasionally be available and WILL be specifically marked as such.

Why OEMPCWorld
Founded in 1998 can make claim to offering the best value on the market for configurator guaranteed memory.

Some companies offer lower priced items but when you use their configurator they point you to a much more expensive option. This is called bait and switch. Offer low priced items on the shopping comparison sites but when you use the configurator it does not list these low priced items as compatible and they tell you to buy the higher priced item for guaranteed compatibility. We don’t do that (assuming of course you are using our configurator). All our items are offered at one low price and the product we carry is guaranteed compatible or your money back. We do not offer multiple tiers or varying grades of products, that concept is absurd. Our products are guaranteed compatible and have a lifetime warranty; all products offer high value and the highest grade possible.

We also offer some of the highest levels of customer service and customer satisfaction numbers in the industry –  customers rate our overall service at 9.3 out of 10 and  99.6% of our customer are either completely satisfied or very satisfied (based on 35 000 customer ratings since 1999). Our returns processing averages 4.5 days from receipt to ship, the industry average is 12 days.

Many competitors charge 15% restocking fees if the configurator is not used and if you do use the configurator then you pay for the higher priced item. They also charge a higher fee if you order over the phone.

In addition, we offer excellent value across all our product lines, not just the new products, we still sell 32MB EDO SIMMs for the same price we sold them for 5 years ago, everyone sells new items like DDR and DDR2 for low prices and then if you need PC100 you pay twice what we charge.

High value across the entire product line.
We offer Lifetime Warranty on all memory products and ALWAYS offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee with no restocking fees.

25 year anniversary

We are a Transcend Authorized Reseller

We are an Authorized Samsung SSD Partner