I hope you are doing great, staying safe and starting to feel the Summer vibes coming.  With the new season comes new updates to our SanDisk micro SD card lineup.

We added inventory for some of the higher capacity models now that price per GB is getting reasonable.​  We also refreshed our pricing on the entire lineup.  Prices have moved down across the board.

To see what we have to offer in each SanDisk micro SD card series just click the link to visit our website​.  There you will see what’s available along with volume discount pricing.  If you usually get your pricing directly from me or you buy more than 200 pieces at a time please message me for your custom pricing.


SanDisk Ultra SDSQUNS 80MB/s 533x
Available in 16GB to 128GB capacities



SanDisk Ultra SDSQUAR 100MB/s 667x
Available in 16GB to 512GB capacities (larger sizes special order)

See here


SanDisk High Endurance SDSQQNR
Capacities 32GB to 256GB, ideal for surveillance and data logging



SanDisk Max Endurance SDSQQVR
Higher than High Endurance



SanDisk Extreme SDSQXAF
The last 32GB card in the SanDisk Extreme Series, will be EOL soon



SanDisk Extreme SDSQXA2
64GB Capacity, 160MB/s read, 60MB/s write



SanDisk Extreme SDSQXA1
Higher Capacities, 160MB/s read, 90MB/s write



SanDisk Extreme Pro SDSQXCY
64GB to 128GB Capacities, Read 170MB/s, Write 90MB/s



SanDisk Extreme Pro SDSQXCZ
256GB and Greater Capacities, Read 170MB/s, Write 90MB/s



SanDisk Extreme Pro SDSQXPJ
Whoa Nelly that’s fast, Read 275MB/s, Write 100MB/s



SanDisk Licensed for Nintendo Switch

Designed for your favorite console


All of these cards come in retail packaging but we offer bulk/tray packaging for no additional cost on request.  If you are in manufacturing or supporting a large scale deployment cutting into hundreds of tamper-proof packages may not be your thing, so we’ll have it done for you.

Also, SanDisk has been moving away from including the Full Size SD adapter in their packages.  Some models still have it, some don’t.  Worry not, we sell the adapters separately.  Buying the card without adapter and purchasing bulk adapters separately will actually save you money.  Why?  Because we like you.

This is just the list of SanDisk Class 10 micro SD cards we stock in new condition.  We have access to the entire lineup, and also carry a variety of obsolete part numbers in lower capacities.

We’re an independent distributor so we’re not limited to one brand either.  It is my goal to find you the best solution for your specific application.  Please talk to me any time you need expert advice and support.  I am at your service.

Until I hear from you again, be well and be happy!

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