1.  noun.  Universal Serial Bus, a popular connector for storage products.
  2.  acronym.  U Should Be @

I hope you are doing great.  I’m contacting you with a supply-side update on USB Flash Drives.  After some issues which drove pricing up a bit this Summer we’re seeing prices settle down again on our house brand USB drives.

In June there was a global chip supply shortage caused price increases on many items, especially on lower capacity USB drives.

Then on September 1st the fourth tranche of tariffs on China made goods went into effect.  This round resulted in a 15% tariff being charged on all flash-based products made in China.

While we’re paying tariffs on most flash imports now, pricing has gone down on many of our house brand USB flash drives due to chip supplies improving.  We expect our new pricing to be steady through this quarter.

If you haven’t checked pricing lately on the drives you order, take a look online.  U Should Be @ OEM, right?


We’re maintaining good stock levels on our house brand Swivel Drives and Rectangular USB Flash Drives with Cap.  For bigger quantities lead time is typically 7-10 days.

Do keep in mind that the Holidays are coming up and shipping schedules can be impacted.  Work with me and I’ll help you to plan ahead.

For larger quantities or customization requirements please contact me and I’ll gladly help you.

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