SanDisk SDSDUNB Cards, change of lineup

Hi, I hope you are doing well. If you purchase SanDisk Ultra SD Cards from us, I would like to let you know that there has been a change to the lineup which could impact you.

The SanDisk Ultra SDSDUNB series has been available in capacities from 16GB to 128GB for a few years now and it is being retired. Sunsetting has already begun, but we should be able to supply these models for a little while longer. I’m mentioning the changes now so we will have time to plan for the next generation.

SDSDUNB series cards had a speed rating of 48MB/s. The new cards which are replacing them are faster and in most cases will be a drop-in replacement for the previous models you were using with no impact on compatibility, and in some cases you may enjoy a performance boost from these faster cards.

In addition there was a higher capacity card added to the series. You can now get capacities up to 256GB.

Here is a breakdown of the changes. You may follow the links to our website to see pricing and availability for any of these models.

Model Progression

16GB SDSDUNB-016G-GN3IN 48MB/s SDSDUNS-016G-GN3IN 80MB/s now
32GB SDSDUNB-032G-GN3IN 48MB/s SDSDUNR-032G-GN3IN 100MB/s now
64GB SDSDUNB-064G-GN3IN 48MB/s SDSDUNR-064G-GN3IN 100MB/s now
128GB SDSDUNR-128G-GN3IN 100MB/s now
256GB SDSDUNR-256G-GN3IN 100MB/s now

Important Note

There are two models in the SanDisk Ultra series which both have part numbers starting with “SDSDUNR” so please be careful when ordering.  These entry-level cards which replace SDSDUNB all have a suffix ending in GN3IN.

There is a model, one step up in the Ultra line which also has part numbers starting with “SDSDUNR”, but the suffixes ending in GN6IN.  This card recently replaced the SDSDUNC models.  If you missed this news, you can read all about it here.

If you need help comparing models or making sure you source the right one please send me a note, I’m your experienced guide.

We will continue to stock the older series as long as it continues to be available.  If you need to test the newer cards for your project now would be a good time.

Please review this information and contact me if you have any questions.  I’m here to help you with this transition.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

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